English structures that use different verbs in their Spanish equivalent

English and Spanish have several structures that are a copy of one another, and they also have some that even tho they are very, very close, the equivalent is not exactly the same.

And that is what we are seeing today, some English structures and their Spanish equivalent, that surprisingly don’t use the same verb.

Also today’s blog is a bit different, we are shaking things up a little. As I am not giving you any examples, that is your DEBERES-homework.

So we can say that today’s blog is a joint effort and I think a great practice for you too. I will give you more details about the homework further down, because now we need to get starting.

English structures and their Spanish equivalents that use different verbs.

1-To pay attention – prestar atención

In Spanish we don’t pay attention, we just lend it J

2-To ask questions – hacer una pregunta 

Preguntar una pregunta sounds a bit repetitive, that is why in Spanish we don’t ask questions, we make them.

Or we can also use just the verb “preguntar”-to ask

3-To run an errand – hacer un recado

Spanish lifestyle is a bit more chilled than the English, isn’t it? So…if we have something in our to do list, an errand, why to run if we can make it instead? A more relaxed way to put it, if you ask me

4-To make a mistake – cometer un error

This is  a common mistake among Spanish student, Spanish people don’t make mistake, we commit them…

5-To spend time – pasar tiempo

In Spanish we don’t spend time, we only spend money, for time we use the verb to pass

6-To make a point – dejar claro

When we want to make a point about something we want to leave it clear.

In this structure we can also use a single verb “aclarar”-to clarify

7-To ask a favour – pedir un favor

Spanish speaker don’t ask for favours, they ask for or order them.

That is it, quite straight forward right? But, remember what I said before? This is not over YET, now it is your turn:

you have deberes-homework you need to give me the examples for the structures above-don’t panic! You don’t need to give me an example for every single one of them, just for one, pick your favourite and leave a sentence in the comments! I promise I will review them and give you any feedback you might need.

A couple of things before we part ways,

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And ahora…sí, it is time to say ¡hasta la vista!

¡Ten un resto del día genial!

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