English words used in Spanish

English is more common in the Spanish language that you might thing, and that is why today I want to talk about some English words used in Spanish


These words are commonly accepted in Spain, as accepted that my mother, and even my grandmother that don’t speak English will used them

IMPORTANT THING! Let me tell you that even tho when we use English words, Spaniards pronounce the words in Spanish, following the rules of Spanish pronunciation, no the English ones, sometimes it is possible that if you use the English pronunciation they won’t understand you, so keep in mind.

If you want to hear the pronunciation of these words you can watch this video on my YouTube channel here –>https://youtu.be/1Nv4a2GS3es

1-WIFI , in this word  the pronunciation is extremely important, as it is one of those that if you use the English way of saying Spaniards won’t be able to understand you. So remember that when you are in a Spanish restaurant  or cafe and you want the password for the WIFI.

2-KETCHUP , the pronunciation for this word is pretty much the same than in English, so you are fine if you use your English accent and ask for ketchup for your chips 🙂

3-HOBBY, although we have the words pasatiempos or aficiones, hobby is well understood and common used  in Spain.

The problem? The pronunciation, we don’t expire the “h” we pronunciate it quite string, kind of a “j”

4-TRÁILER, with emphasis in the first syllable, this is the word we use to talk about the short version of a movie,

5-AFTERSUN , very common word in summer when we get burnt

6-V.I.P in English you spell the letters in Spanish we say as if it was one VIP, so if you are in a list to enter the disco, don’t say you are in the V.I.P. list, say lista VIP. 🙂

7-HASHTAG, it is not as common among older people but millennials and younger people are well aware of it. So I could leave it out.


The following words although are very common to use them in English, they also have a Spanish equivalent, that even tho it might not be as common it is not strange people use  so I am giving you the two versions of the words.


When we have a group of something for example a group of dishes, we could say

Tengo un set de platos o tengo un conjunto de platos.


The use of the pub is growing among Spanish people,  but the reality is that in Spain we don’t really have pubs, we have bares, or bar in the singular form, so that is why we don’t use it as often, when we use pub we don’t refer to a bar but more for a place similar to a disco/club.


We use ticket when we talk about ticket de compra, also known as recibo-receipt and also for events, where we can use ticket or entrada.

Ticket is very common in Spanish but not to talk about transport, for train ticket, plane tickets etc we use billete o boleto.


Nowadays is very common to ask someone to have a look to a report and give their feedback, but opinión or punto de vista is also used.

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Also I am dying to know what of the English words that Spaniards use is your favourite.

Looking forward to reading you

Have a fantastic day! And keep practicing your Spanish!

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