English words with two different meanings in Spanish

if you think Spanish is the only language which words have more than one meaning, you need to read this blogs, where I mention some English words with two different meanings in Spanish.

A few weeks ago I wrote about Spanish words with two different meanings in English and a lot of you asked me if I could write a blog other way around, so English words with two different meanings in Spanish. You talked. I listened. And today that is exactly what I am talking about, so if you are ready, let’s find out some English words with double meaning in Spanish:


When talking about someone that is not nice to us or something unpleasant in Spanish we use malvado o malintencionado

That you said was very mean – Eso que dijiste fue muy malintencionado.

But if we use it as a verb it can also mean significar or querer decir

What does it mean in Spanish? – ¿Qué significa eso en español?

What do you mean? – ¿Qué quieres decir?


When talking about the stick you use to play sports in Spanish is called bate

I need a new bat for my baseball practice – Necesito un bate nuevo para mis practicas de béisbol.

But if we refer to the animal in Spanish is murciélago

Bats can see in the dark – Los murciélagos pueden ver en la oscuridad.


Again if we use it as a verb it will be reservar

Don’t forget to book a table on Saturday for Marisa’s birthday – No te olvides de reservar una mesa para el cumple de Marisa.

But if instead of a verb we are using it as something we read in Spanish is libro

I love reading, every week I start a new book- Me encanta leer, cada semana empiezo un libro nuevo.


It is another word that can describe an animal, oso

Bears hibernate – Los osos invernan.

And also can be used as a verb to describe soportar

The hanger has to bear the weight of the coats – El colgador tiene que soportar el peso de los abrigos.


We can use it to refer the transport in which case in Spanish we use autobús

We tour around Europe by coach – Recorrimos Europa en autobús.

Or to refer a person who trains someone or a team, in which case in Spanish is entrenador

My football team has a new coach – Mi equipo de fútbol tiene un nuevo entrenador.


Another word that can act as a verb, firmar

We need to sign the contract for the flat- Necesitamos firmar el contrato del piso.

But also as a noun meaning señal

I took the wrong exit because I didn’t see the sign. – Tomé la salida equivocada porque no vi la señal.

So…There you have it! 6 English words with 2 different meanings in Spanish, now it is your turn, leave a comment and let me know:

-did you know the double meaning of these English words?

-have they given you trouble before?

-do you know any other English words with two different meanings in Spanish?

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