Entrevista-Spanish listening exercise I hear a lot of people always say that understanding Spanish speaker is the most difficult part of the learning process, as Spanish talk too fast, to be honest I think this happens to all students that are learning a new language, not only when you learn Spanish, if that makes you feel any better.

As you know I am here to support and help you along your Spanish learning journey, and I want to support the best I can that is why today we have a small listening exercise, you are listening to an interview I made to someone and then you are going to answer some questions to make sure you have understood properly. This interview is in a video format, but if you want to read the transcript, you can download it too.

I hope you enjoy this interview and find it useful.

Please if you have any questions let me know in the comments below.



Entrevista-Spanish listening exercise

Below you have the beginning of the transcript to download the full transcript click here


 if you want to watch the video go to

–> https://youtu.be/erN038PDcFw



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Blanca: ¡Hola chicos! Soy Blanca from Spanish connection in Edinburgh y hoy tengo un episodio especial. En el episodio de hoy vamos a trabajar la comprensión auditiva y vamos a trabajarla con una invitada especial

Bea: Hola chicos.

Blanca: Pues, voy a hacerle una entrevista y después vais a tener unas preguntas al final del video, para comprobar que habéis entendido todo correctamente. Así que si estáis preparados, ¡vamos a por ello!

Blanca: Hola

Bea: Hola, muy buenas.

Blanca: ¿cómo estás?

Bea: muy bien, ¿y tú?

Blanca: muy bien también, gracias. Pues, si no te importa voy a hacerte una serie de preguntas para que nuestros estudiantes te conozcan un poco.

Bea: ¡Estupendo!


Download the rest of the transcript  


Once you have the chance to watch the interview I would love to know:


-did you find it useful? Was it a good listening exercise?

-could you understand most of it?

-do you like this kind of exercise to practice your Spanish listening skills?


Let me know below, I am looking forward to reading your comment.


Have a great day!


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