Estar loco y volverse loco other ways to express it

Estar loco is quite a common expression in Spanish and as it is so common, we have so different ways to express some more colloquial than others.

When we use in Spanish “estar loco” we use it to describe someone that usually does unusual things , they have a particular personality, we can also use “volverse loco”, that is used to express than someone has done something surprising in a specific moment on time.

That been said let’s see some different ways to express “estar loco” and “volverse loco” in Spanish.

Let’s start with “estar loco”, another ways to say that would be:

1-estar como una cabra

Cabra is goat, and as you can see it is quite peculiar describing someone like that, and that is exactly what we are looking for, as we are describing someone who does peculiar things (at least from our point of view).

-¿Has escuchado que Quique va a hacer paracaidismo? ¡Está como una cabra!-Have you heard Quique is going to do skydiving? He is totally mad!

2-estar como una regadera

Regadera is watering can, and again a quite strange way to describe someone. 😊

-Me levanto todos los días a las 5 de la mañana para meditar y hacer ejercicio, mis amigos piensan que estoy como una regadera-I wake up at 5 am every day to exercise and meditate, my Friends think I am nuts!

3-estar fatal

If my friend buys a £1000 (does that even exist?) I could express my surprise saying

-¿Has gastado £1000 en un bolso? ¡Estás fatal! -did you spend £1000 in a bag? You are crazy!

As you might realized in the three examples we could use any of the three sentences and they can all be exchange by “estar loco” too.

Now let’s talk about “volverse loco”, we use that when someone does something unexpected in a specific moment and we have some funny ways to say the same too.

1-irse la olla

Olla is pot, but we already agree by this point that all this sentences are a bit odd aren’t they?

-No sé que le ha pasado a Marta,pero se le ha ido la olla y ha dejado su trabajo y vendido sus cosas, dice que quiere viajar por el mundoI don’t know what happened to Marta, she has gone crazy and she has left her job and sold all her stuff, she says she wants to travel the world

2-irse la pinza

Pinza is a clothes peg.

no sé que me paso en ese momento, pero se me fue la pinza y me registrá para practicipar en el maratón de Edimburgo- I don’t know what happenned to me in that moment, but I got crazy and signed up for the Edinburgh’s marathon.


these last two “irse la olla” and “irse la pinza” as a synonymous of “olvidar-to forgetalso, depending on the context, for example if you said to a friend you were going to phone her and totally forgot about it when you eventually remember will phone her and say

-lo siento, se me fue la olla/la pinza y no te llamé-I am sorry I got distracted/forgot and I did not call you.

And that is it m y friend! All I wanted to share with you today. As usual I hope you enjoyed it and learnt something new. Before you left, don’t forget to leave a comment letting me know:

-if you know any other way to express “estar loco” or “volverse loco”, as I gave you some but there are many more!


-¿cuándo fue la última vez que se te fue la olla? Y la razón.

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