Expressions with por and para “por” and “para” one of the eternal dilemmas in the Spanish learning, along with “ser” and “estar”, of course!

That is why I thought today was the turn of “por” and “para”, do not panic! (at least yet!) I am going to make it real simple, I am not going to give you all the uses, you can read a textbook and it won’t make a difference, I am going to keep it easy and quite straight forward, I am just  going to give you some expression with por and para, that means, that you do not need to try and make sense of them, as they are fixed, they are always with “por” or “para”, I think that would be useful so at least in certain occasions, when using them, you will be sure you got it right J

So if that sounds like a plan, let’s do this.



Expressions with por and para


It is usually more used among learners, and it is funny because I think its used is less common, at least in the expressions with por and para, so we will start for the easiest.


1-Estar para…-“to be about to….”

2-No estar para bromas – not to be in the mood for joking

3-No ser para tanto-not tobe so important

4-Para con – towards (a person)

5-Para siempre-forever

What did I tell you? Just 5 not that hard is it?

Let’s go now with….



ok,it is a bit more complex, and it has more expressions. Most of the expressions used por, I am sure you are familiar with some as por favor, por supuesto…Here you can find some more.

1-Por aquí- this way

2-Por avión –air mail

3-Por consiguiente –consequently

4-Por desgracia-unfortunately

5-Por Dios-for god’s sake

6-Por eso/Por lo tanto-therefore

7-Por escrito-by writing

8-Por favor-please

9-Por fin-finally, at last

10-Por la mañana/tarde/noche- in (during) the morning/afternoon/night)

11-Por lo menos-at least

12-Por lo visto-apparently

13-Por mi parte-as far as I am concerned

14-Por poco-almost/nearly

15-Por regal general-as a general rule

16-Por mi cuenta-to my way of thinking

17-Por supuesto-of course

18-Por todas las partes-everywhere

19-Al por mayor-wholesale

20-Al por menor-retail

#extra-Not long ago I wrote about  Spanish phrasal verbs, you can read it here they are verbs that change the meaning when going with a preposition and surprise! “por” have the power to do so too, so I thought a few phrasal verbs with the preposition “por” would not harm.

1-Acabar por-to end up by

2-dar por hecho -to consider something done

3-tomar por-to take someone for/by

4-pasar por-to be considered

5-interesarse por- to take an interest  in

I think is enough for today, you have a few things to think about, so just before I leave you, two things

#1-homework-As you see today blog does not have examples for each expressions, that is your homework!Make up a dialogue or just a sentences and try to use at least two of the above expressions, one with “por” and one with “para”, feel free to post it on the comments below so you can get some feedback.

#2-your turn, let me know if you know any other expression which used “por” or “para”, and if you enjoyed the blog share it among your Spanish learners fellows.

Have a good one, I will speak to you soon.

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