expressions with the verb dar in Spanish part II

As you probably know the verb dar is quite popular and very used in expressions.

The verb “dar” is quite common in Spanish, and it appears in several common expressions, if you remember we already talked about some of them a few weeks ago in this blog, if you missed it or you can’t remember you can have a look here –>

Today is time for round 2, we are going to see some other Spanish expressions with the verb “dar”.

expressions with the verb dar in Spanish part II

1-darse prisa, it isto hurry up.

So commonly used when you need someone to hurry up.

If you are meeting some friends for dinner at 20.30 and it is 20.00 and your flatmate is taking his time getting ready you could say

¡Date prisa! ¡Vamos a llegar tarde!-Hurry up! We are going to be late!

Or if you need to get to the supermarket before it closes and you run into a friend you could excuse yourself saying: lo siento,  no puedo hablar, me tengo que dar prisa, porque tengo que llegar al supermercado antes de que cierre-I am sorry, I can’t talk, I need to hurry as I need to get to the supermarket before it closes.

2-dar (las) gracias, to thank

Typically used to make children to say thank you for a present  

Da las gracias al tío-Thank your uncle.

¿Has dado las gracias a Juan por el favor?-Have you thanked Juan for the favour?

Te tengo que dar las gracias por llevar a Paula a clase de baile el otro dia- I have to thank you for the taking Paula to dancing lessons the other day

3-dar pensato feel sorry, to be sad

Normally it works like the verb gustar

Me da pena que no puedas ir a casa en Navidad- I feel sorry you can’t go home for Christmas

But it can also works like a normal verb, in which case we use it with a subject, and in this case the meaning of dar pena is more like to be sad than to feel sorry.

Muchos negocios del centro han cerrado y da un poco de pena-Many businesses in the center have closed and it is a bit sad.

4-dar la lata, to bore or to be a pain.

Used when someone is annoying

Joaquín siempre me da la lata para que juegue al tenis con él-Joaquín always bores me to play tennis with him.

Ori f you are working from home and you have kids around you could say to them

Esta mañana no deis la lata que tengo muchas reuniones-Don;t be a pain this morning, I have lots of meetings

5-dar de alta

It has several variations so we will address them

5.1.dar de alta (medical terms) is to discharge

Mi vecino estuvo en el hospital, pero ayer le dieron de alta-My neighbour was at the hospital, but they discharged him yesterday

(we can also used dar el alta)*

5.2.dar de alta (not medical terms) is to register

When you move into a new house

Necesitas dar de alta los servicios como la electricidad y el gas-you need to reguister the services such as electicity and gas to your name

5.3 darse de alta is to register oneself

Si te das de alta en la oficina de empleo te ayudan a buscar trabajo-If you register yourself at the job center they help you to find a job.

6-dar de baja

We are going to see some variants too

6.1.dar de baja  (medical terms) is to grant sick leave

Fui al medico ayer y me dio de baja-I went to the doctor yesterday and he granted me sick leave

(we can also used dar la baja)*

6.2.dar de baja (not medical terms) is to unregister/unsubscribe

When you move from your old house

Necesitas dar de baja los servicios-you need to  cancel the services.

6.3 darse de baja is to unregister or to unsubscribe oneself

Hace meses que no voy al gimnasio, estoy pensando en darme de baja-It has been months since I went to the gym, I am thinking about cancelling my subscription.

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