FELICES FIESTAS every year around these dates is the time where I stop, think about the year which is ending and say thank YOU

 Normally this time of the year is the one we use to think about the year is coming to an end and make a sum up of the good things and well,…my year would have not been the same without you, without your support so this week I just wanted to wish you FELICES FIESTAS and to say
                           GRACIAS …..for being there week after week and make me a space on your inbox..
 I hope you have a nice holidays and next year is at least as good as this one which is ending.
I made a quick video to thank you so if you have time I would love you come over and have a watch 🙂

I am normally behind the scenes of this blog, but I thought today would be a great day to put myself in front to say GRACIAS for this past year and to all those who havent met me yet, can put a face to the person who bombard their inbox every Friday 🙂



I hope you have a great end of the year and a better beginner of the new one 🙂


Lot of seasonal love



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