Feria de Abril Spain is known for its parties and big celebrations and one which has jumped the borders is in Seville every April, la feria de abril

One more time is party time in Spain, today the 21st of april and these next 5 days, until the 26th, something big is happening, in Seville, south of Spain, they are celebrating "La feria de abril", have you ever heard about it?Do you know how seville people live these days?

Feria de abril

La feria de abril, takes place in the neighbour of “los Remedios” in Seville and it is a fair with rides and huts, during 5 days the city stops and it is all about celebration. La feria de abril always takes place in April, but the date varies, usually after week and a half two weeks after Easter.


Fairs are really common in Spain, as in the old times a lot of merchants were travellers and they need to travel from town to town to sell their goodies, that was when the fairs were born, the have fixed dates so the merchants could go to them all,but among all the one which are still celebrating la feria de abril in Seville is the most famous one.

It said that the first feria de abril took place 1846.

Nowadays la feria de abril is just to celebrate, all about drinking, dancing, and having a good time.

the essentials

If you are planing to go to la feria de abril, you better be aware you will need to be ready to drink rebujito, typical drink on the feria, feria-de-abril-rebujito el rebujito is a mix of camomile wine and seven up, and from my own experiences quite strong which would you a big hungover, so be carefully drinking it:)


You also would need to dress as one of the them , with the known Flamenca dress also called vestido de gitana

feria-de-abril-itana feria-de-abril-vestido


Other of the basics is the horses, o “caballo andaluz”, some of them with a carriage to fit more people to go from “caseta”to “caseta”, casetas are the famous huts, where you meet the people you know and drinks, pretty much bars where you can socialize, talk…

feria-de-abril-caballos feria-de-abril-carruajes feria-de-abril-caseta feria-de-abril-casetas


And the last thing to keep in mind is you will need to be brave enough to go for a ride in one of the attractions, also called “barracas”  around la feria de abril.


Well after this culture route I hope you enjoy and start planing your next to Seville, as if you want to visit when better than when something like la feria de abril is going on!Get involved in Spanish culture!

I leave you a video to check how people live “la feria de abril”

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