Before we jump in to today’s blog let me ask you some questions:

-how long have you been learning Spanish for?

-are you happy with the results?

-do you have any goals regarding Spanish?

When you have goals you have clarity, and you can measure your results.

Goals are important, not only in your personal life, but also in your Spanish learning, as when you have goals you know where you are going and you can see the progress you are making and the things you need to do/study to get there. You have something to aim towards and to be motivated for.

In today’s video I talk about the importance of goals in your Spanish learning journey and share a story of one of my students as a proof.


I know this video is a bit different, but I hope you enjoy it and find it motivational.

Once you have the chance to watch the video, I want you to think about a goal you want to reach in your Spanish language learning in the next 6 months. Share with me, leave a comment below . Make it count!

Now go and watch the video!

Buen dia

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