How do you learn in Spanish “by heart”? Once again I am here to remind you that translating into Spanish directly into English is most of the times a bad idea…sorry! Today in the learning terms :)

You need to learn it by heart…

I do not know it by heart….

I am sure you have used/heard  this before, but does it work in Spanish?

Well the question is….NO! –because besides you should not do that, you learn by practicing 😛 haha, I know now I sound like an old fashion teacher, but  I know sometimes you just need to learn it, there is no other choices, but you won’t never learn something by heart in Spanish, simply because we do not use that sentence, whenever we learn something using our memory is just that (big tip there) keep reading to find out what we use in Spanish instead of our heart –corazón.


How-do-you-learn-in-Spansih-by heart-


How do we say in Spanish “to learn by heart”?

First point is clear…we do not use our corazón –heart to learn something, how do we learn in

Spanish “by heart” then?


Easy….think what is involve in the process, brain…is not it? And of course to retain the info we need that part of the brain called memory…so ta-dah! You got it!

Have you guessed yet? We learn by using our brains, specially the part called memory…yes!we learn by memory, and that is exactly what we say-aprender de memoria, and we we have learned something by memory, we know it by memory too-saber de memoria.




So next time you want to express that to a Spanish friend like

I need to study that Spanish grammar that is awful…I just need to learn it by heart

Remember to not translate word by word use the whole sentences

“Necesito estudiar esa gramática española que es horrible….simplemente tengo que aprenderlo de memoria”

Or if a friend ask you for any other friends number and you just need to double check instead of saying

I do not know it by heart, let me check my phone book

You will say

“No lo sé de memoria, dejame que mire mi agenda.”


Can you think about any other examples where we can use this sentences….leave a comment below!


Your turn- I would love to hear from you, have you done this mistake before because you translate it directly from English? And even  more, have you ever learn something de memoria? What? Share it! I am looking forward to reading your comments 🙂




Homework-make the effort at some point this week to sit down and memorize or aprender de memoria-learn by heart something in Spanish, easy is not it? Let get to work then, make it accountable by sharing in the comments below what would you like to learn “de memoria” and let us know your progress. !buena suerte!-good luck!

Have a fantástico-amazing  day


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