How do you say early bird catches the worm in Spanish How do you say early bird catches the worm in Spanish?I bet you have used this sentences at some point, would you like to know how to say it in Spanish?Keep reading then

Spanish is not the only language, it has expression, English has quite a few as well, and I guess sometimes you will have asked yourself…for a really useful one, or the one you use the most if you could say it in Spanish, and how it would sound, today I will answer “how do you say early bird catches the worm in Spanish?” As it is very used in Spain, and because I have been waking up early during all the weekend, so I have that sentences in my mind quite often 🙂


Early bird catches the worm

So you have this sentences in English, and we have it in Spanish, it is funny because even when in both languages the meaning is the same, the way to say it is a bit different,


What does it mean?

I guess we will all agree that both sentences have the same meaning, but how do you say early bird catches the worm in Spanish?In Spanish is said “A quien maduga dios le ayuda”so same meaning,  you should wake up early because you will have luck, either because like you say in English you will be able to go ahead the rest of the people who is still sleeping and get the best goodies for you,or like we say in Spanish “A quien madruga dios le ayuda”, that literally means…”God helps people who wake up early” so you will have a lucky day as God will looking after you if you jump of the bed at an early time.


Both sentences make perfectly sense and in few words push us to be active and not be lazy lying in bed when we can be doing something else,


So yeah, Spanish and English have quite a few sentences within meaning are the same, but the way to say them change, so sometimes it does not work, just translate sentences, because either it will not make sense in the other language, or even if natives understand the meaning behind it…they will think you are a bit weird just changing a common sentences 🙂

Now you know how to say that in Spanish, it is time to say it now, choose the right moment and surprise your friends!

Your thoughts

As always I would like to know your thoughts, what do you think?Is it truth that if you wake up early your day goes better?Looking forward to reading all your answer



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