How do you say it in Spanish? this blog"how do you say it in Spanish? "It is just to show how beautiful and wide is the Spanish language

Spanish is such a great language!I love it a lot of people often ask me how do you say it in Spanish? And I stop and think …what is the best way to explain?Because sometimes it is just so hard to describe as we have a lot of idioms.


Spanish idioms, are difficult to explain, most of the times and they are quite specific and most of the times they do not mean what they seem to mean…so the best thing to explain it is through a situation or example where that idiom would be used.



This blog was created with the idea people could come here and find the answer to that question that always bother the Spanish learners…how do you say it in Spanish?

Today I created a test so you can check in a funny way and in context, if you know how to use this common Spanish expressions, so take a moment and check it out,

Share the result with us and I would write a blog explain them all, but I need some time as there are so many…and so many other subjects to talk about too..

Here the link to the test buena suerta a todos!=Good luck to everyone

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