How to make Spanish omelette Few weeks ago I try to cook my first Spanish omelette and I would like to share the experience with you

I know…shame on me!I am Spanish and I just tried how to make Spanish omelette, my first one, few weeks ago, I am not a great cook, so I thought to share the experience so you don’t make the same mistake, but I have to say I was pretty good to be the first Spanish omelette, or how we say in Spain, Tortilla de patata, that does not have any other meaning than potato omelette, because that is what is mainly in it.




Spain is known as a country where the food is delicious, and it is right, I could spent hours talking about all the brilliant dishes we have in Spain…some of them you will find peculiar or quirky as octopus but you should not stop trying them as they are just to good…my mouth is watery just thinking about them.



Unfortunately I love to eat, but I am not such a great fun of the kitchen…so my knowledge about Spanish recipes is pretty much zero, and the Spanish food requires a bit of time, I would say is quite complicate, at least for a beginner as I, except…Spanish omelette, the only thing about how to make Spanish omelette is not difficult is just take time, that is why I had never tried before.


But I was determined, it was just about time to spread my Spanish cooking skills and invite my friends for dinner.I phoned my mum, my granny, sent whatsapps to my sister and auntie ( as they cook pretty well) during the day and  I asked them all the tips to cook the best Spanish omelette ever but when the night came and I was in front of the hub…oh oh…that panic moment….blank mind!I tried to reach all my family but suddenly I could contact anyone…so I just thought….ok I will do it my way…peeled the potatoes and put them into the sunflower oil, still not quite sure about my way…I looked up a few recipes on internet as I was not sure how many eggs to put in…so I found a few recipes from Karlos Arguiñano, to you all, do not know Karlos, he is a famous cook from Spain, and put me back on track, I was waiting fro ages…until the potatoes, where not fried, or boiled…just on their point…I took them off the pan and mixed them with the eggs. the amount of eggs I had considered correct, put them all together, take all the sunflower oil from the pan, and keep it on a jar, as you can reuse it, and put a bit of olive oil, and put the mixed all together in the pan….waited again for ages…trying to check the Spanish omelette was not getting burned, destroying every time I checked a bit more of my creation, and then…the moment of the truth when I needed to turn the omelette around…so it is cooked for both sides…I struggled but did it, quite proud of myself about it 🙂 waited a few more minutes, which looked like hours at that point and…ta-dah!!My Spanish omelette was ready to eat!!

It was a bit burned at one on the sides, but I just choose the other one on top so everyone could see how good it looked like…everyone was surprise and I was over the moon, I can not eat hot food so people started to eat before I did…and I got a few compliments…but when I tried I realized…I had forgotten to put salt!!no even a bit …so…that was my first mistake and the second…it was a bit dry….I had put too many potatoes and not enough eggs…my friends were fine with that as luckily for me they were not Spanish…but I was happy but…not quite…so I guess I would need to keep practising…


You just keep on mind if you try…put some salt in it and the right amount the egg,,,,(still trying to find out how it works…:)


Hope you find this useful and now…everyone go and try!I am looking forward to hearing your experiences.

here my tortilla de patata 🙂 looking good

tortilla de patata

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