Iberodocs An ibero-american film festival in Edinburgh and Glasgow which brings you the best of the author cinema

Hola amigos!I know I have been dissapeared for a while, but I have been collaborating with Iberodocs, a film festival which has been on last weekend, and it has been such a regarding experience that I would like to share it with you all.

What is Iberodocs?

Iberodocs is an ibero-american film festival, that took place for the first year, in 2014 in Edinburgh, this year, Iberodocs 2 is going to Glasgow as well.

It is a full weekend  in which you can enjoy cinema, and I meant risky cinema, far away from the commercial cinema and not caring about what is selling or what is not, iberodocs put together films from independent ibero-american directors, in original version and get them closer to the public.



Iberodocs 2

This year I had the luck to be part of this big community who loves the cinema and they want their voices to be heard, that why they started this festival last year, there are so many good documentaries out there that we are missing as it is too risky to buy that movies to show them in a big cinema, beacuse they can be controversial as they explain a reality, a reality which more of us feel identify with, big cinemas think this films,will not be  a success because the author cinema is not known enough.


Well from my experience I can tell you is a part of the cinema is growing and I am so glad is that way.



As I was involved with the festival I have been lucky enough to watch a few films, and the best part of it, it was not the film themselves, they were good, but at the end of them some of the directors/producer of the documentary were there to answer all the question from the audience, and that contact and be so kind, so open about their reality it was just something special…

This second edition has films from South America, Brazil and Spain, this edition also they focus in one of the regions of Spain, Galicia, screening films from that so often forget part of Spain, the way they live, how they emigrate, the love for their culture and own language…

I leave you some shoots from the Q&As with Beli Martinez, producer of Arraianos and Vikingland, two of the films focus in Galicia


and the Q&As of the Cloudy times with the paraguayan Arami Ullon, the director of a great documentary about family and migrations.

Iberodocs 2


If you miss the one in Edinburgh, do not panic Glasgow is next weekend and if you can not make it just…. keep and eye for next year as it is definitely a must seen!

Thanks to Iberodocs2 and all whom take part on it to make this happens!All the best in your glasgow adventure and looking forward to seeing you next year.

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If you want to learn more about Iberodocs, visit its website http://www.iberodocs.co.uk/




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