Iberodocs2-Edinburgh film’s festival Iberodocs is back, this is the second year we will have the privilege of having this edinburgh film festival who shows Iberic movies

Iberodocs is back, this year Iberodocs2, the film’s festival in Edinburgh is on its second edition and it just got bigger, it will be in Glasgow too!!



A lot of you would be asking what is Iberodocs?Iberodocs2 is a film festival based in Edinburgh, last year, 2014 was its first edition and this 2015 Iberodocs2 is going to be in Glasgow as well!Iberodocs try to show the culture and way of life of the Ibero-american countries through the cine, what it is itself a fantastic idea has learn a movie is a good way to learning a language and get engage with it, all the films are in original version but they have the english subtitles (for the not that confidence ones), this year it is going to be focus in a particular region in Spain, Galicia, which is lovely and a bit unknown among foreign people so it will be a great chance to get to know it a bit better, as Galicia has a lot of things to offer and it is not the typical Spanish holidays destination and is a bit different from the all sun and sand most people look for on a holidays, but if you like the adventure, to enjoy the landscape, the good food and you do not mind  the weather…Galicia could be your next destination so give it a go, check it out through the films.

This year, Iberodocs2 will take place from the 14th of May till 17th in Edinburgh and May the 23rd and 24th in Glasgow, and in Edinburgh the film festival will be hold at the filmhouse, city centre so no excuses!


Programme launch


Yesterday I had the pleasure to go to the Iberodocs2 programme launch, at LaSal restaurant, (highly recommended, if you like traditional Spanish flavours) the athmosphere was great and the people was faboulous, so between glass of wine and amazing food, we found out the movies which will be showing this films festival in Edinburgh and Glasgow.


Not just films

Although the festival is focus in see the culture through movies, there are expositions, masterclass, short films…so get a programme, you could find it at most of the cafes, restaurants, you usually go 🙂 and make your choice!



And on top of that and aboput to finish, just one mroe thing,  I am delighted to say Spanish connection edinburgh is one of the sponsors of Iberodocs2, the edinburgh Ibero-american film festival, and we are over the moon! Here some of the Sponsors whom are supporting the Iberodocs2, edinbugrh films festival.



I leave you the link to the page so you can check the programme out, so worth to seeing so hopefully I will see you all there 🙂



COME ALONG!As I said great way to get engaged with a language and its culture so do not hesitate, you would not regret it, and all the movies have subtitle so again… not excuses!:)

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