Improve your Spanish listening skills (tips)

A lot of Spanish students find understanding Spanish very hard and that make them very frustrated.

speaking in Spanish, but they hit a block when they try to understand either natives or audios. That is why in today I am talking about the problem and give you some tips,  that I think they are useful, specially the last one, because it is a very actionable one.

Improve your Spanish listening skills (tips) The first one and least favorite one is patience, I know it does not help when you want to understand NOW, but time is everything, give yourself that!

The second one is to relax and not try to understand every single word, that is impossible, and takes a lot of time and practice.  Start focusing on the words you recognize and try to make a story of the context. I did this all the time when I arrived to Edinburgh, ok , sometimes the story won’t be nothing like the person is telling, but it is what it takes 🙂

Last thing is music, music is the answer for almost anything, but not just listening to music, treat it as an exercise, go to youtube and choose a Spanish song with lyrics and:

-write down words, only words you recognize (listen to the song a couple of times-or more, there is not limit!)

-the next times you listen to it try to make sentences, fill the gaps in between the words you already have.

-compare the words/sentences on your paper with the lyrics of the song.

It looks like a lot of work but it works wonders on your listening skills.

If you want to watch this lesson on video you can have a look here:

Now, I would love to hear from you,  let me know:

-did you find the tips helpful?

-have you tried these tips before?

-are you going to try listening to Spanish music?

-have you overcome this problem? Share how you did it with us!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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