INTERJECCIONES Spanish as other languages has particular words that mean so much, they try to simulate the sound of a noise and they are knows as interjecciones, I think in English you call them interjections. I know such a difficult word.

Let’s start defining interjecciones, what are they?  Una interjección is a word that tries to replicate a sound and express a feeling. Las interjecciones have a meaning themshelves.

A common example in Spanish and English of an interjection is “shhh” that express silence.

For example: shhh, no habléis durante la película –“ Shhh, don’t talk during the movie”

I will be talking about interjecciones today as they are part of the language too,  many people would say that colloquial but I would say they are used in real life conversations.Today I am going to share 7 Spanish interjections, so next time you hear any of them you know what they mean, and you can bring the feeling they try to express.



Before starting seeing these interjections keep in mind that I am giving you the interjections and a sentences after that so you get a better understanding of the meaning and how to use them, but many times you can use the interjection by its own as they already have a meaning. 🙂

The same way, using the common example we previously saw, if someone says to us, or we read somewhere “Shhh”, we know to be quiet, they don’t need anything else.




Ok , so I will give you the 7 interjections written and I also recorded a video so you can hear how to pronounce them too.

Spanish interjections:


1-¡Uy! –Used to express several things, the most common : to express moan, regret or surprise

Moan- ¡uy! ¡Qué díficil!

Regret- ¡uy! Lo siento, no te había visto

Surprise- ¡uy! ¡Qué sorpresa!


2- ¡Hala! – Used to express surprise

Imagine a friend is telling you an unbelievable story, or one that is quite intense, you could say

-¡Hala! ¿Qué dices?


3- ¡Bah! – we use it as indifference.

Imagine your friend is telling something you don’t care at all, you could say

-¡Bah! No me importa…


4- ¡Puf!- we use it meaning annoyance

Imagine you can’t find your phone anywhere and your flatmate asks you what’s wrong, you could use it there:

-¡Puf! No encuentro mi móvil


5- ¡Ay! – it means pain.

If you walked into a door, or hit yourself with something you will say:

-¡Ay! Qué daño!               Or           -¡ay! Qué dolor!


6-¡Puaj! –we use it to express repugnance or displeasure

If your friend is eating something you don’t like at all you could say

-¡Puaj! ¡Qué asco! ¿Cómo comes eso?

We can use it as well when talking about an unpleasant situation, person etc…to express our dislike


7- ¡Ojalá!-express wishes

Imagine your friend is telling you that she has heard that the weather during the weekend will be amazing, you express that you wish that to happen, you could say



Before part ways, here is the video where you can check the pronunciation and practice a bit of listening 🙂



And that is all for  today!

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog, now it is your turn,  I would love to hear from you.


-Have you heard/used these words before?

-Do you know any other interjections in Spanish?


I am looking forward to reading from you.


Have  a good day and I will write you soon.


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  1. Joanne

    ¡Genial! Muchas gracias Blanca para dedicar el tiempo y el esfuerzo de hacer el blog y los vídeos también, los son muy intersantes y útiles. ¡Bien hecho!


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