It is NAVIDAD time! Let’s practice your Spanish Christmas knowledge , in this blog you are going to prove how much you know about how Spaniards celebrate Christmas, and if you don't have a clue, you are going to learn it through a cool game!

And again….it is that magical time of the year, Christmas! – ¡Navidad! And lot of people is thinking about parties, food, drinks, presents, family….so many other things but their Spanish, that is why this blog post will be short but actionable, so you can still practicing your Spanish during these days.


As I said, during this period is difficult to keep up with your Spanish, or any other thing except for celebrations, that is why this blog short is really short (and fun) and it does not requires a lot of concentration or time, you can just print it out and do it little by little, one word at a time when you have time during this Christmas.


So this week’s blog it is a game!!!! Isn’t it fun?


Ok, let me explain it!


Spanish word search



I did not want it to give you extra info this week, as it is normally a busy time of the year, but I did not want you a week without Spanish so…I have created something really cool, it is a word search!!! That by the way in Spanish the name could not be more different, it is “sopa de letras”.



Anyway, this word search is seasonal, and it is all about Spanish Christmas words, but…you know there is always a but…not your typical one! Because I do not give you the words you need to find, instead I want you to think….so I give you the description of a Spanish Christmas word and you need to first guess the word and then find it! But…


Do not panic! If you do not know any of the words or you do not know much about Spanish Christmas, the activity comes with answers, so you can have a look if you are stuck.


Also if you want to know a bit more about Spanish Christmas you can have a read to this blog I wrote a few years ago and that will give you an idea of how we Spaniard celebrate Christmas Have a read here  


I totally recommend you to have a look and then do the word search, but it is really up to you.

Are you up for the challenge? Click here to download the word search.



I hope you enjoy as much as I did creating this for you! Please, I would appreciate, if once you have had the time to do the word search, you can leave a comment below letting me know:


-did you enjoy the word search?

-did you find it easy, difficult or medium?

-do you know any other Spanish words typical of this season?


As always I am so looking forward to hearing from you. And before you leave I would love to take a moment to thank you for coming to my blog, …..¡MUCHAS GRACIAS!


And also wishing you…


¡ ¡ ¡ FELIZ NAVIDAD ! ! !


I hope you have an amazing time


Do not forget to download the word search


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