keyboard symbols in Spanish We are in a digital era, that means a lot of thing are happening on our keyboard, but if your keyboard was Spanish could you still use it? And by using it I mean named the names of the keys on your keyboard, so you can give someone your email address by instance.

I want to start this blog with one question: Could you give your email address in Spanish?


Today’s blog is going to be a short and sweet one-yay! But I also think is going to be one of the most useful, as now more than ever everything is happening online, that means we spend a lot of the  time in front of our laptops typing and when we want to stay in touch with people most of the time we ask for their email addresses or social media accounts instead of their physical address. That is why I though a quick blog with a bit of vocabulary regarding these symbols would not do any harm.


But before we start with the symbols I would love to say that the first thing you will probably have to learn it is the Spanish alphabet,  as normally when we give our email address, social media profiles etc… we need to spell them out. We are going to hit the ground running and I am assuming you know the Spanish alphabet. If you do not know or you need a refresher you can have a look here.


That’s been said let’s go to the keyboard symbols in Spanish


Keyboard symbols in Spanish


Well  first we see them I think it is need to say that laptop is pórtail in Spanish,  although in many parts of South America they call it laptop too. Also we can just refer to it as ordenador (in Spain) or computadora (in South America) , that means computer.


Ok, grab pen and paper and get ready to learn the name of these symbols to jump into the Spanish digi-world.





And…TA-DA! That’s it mi amigo, as I told you, quick and easy blog, but I hope that useful.


Now that you know this, could you give someone your email address?


Leave a comment below and let me know.


#Challenge– if you want to practice leave one of your social media profiles and I will follow, just one condition, you need to spell it out in Spanish-either in written or via audio.


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I hope you enjoyed this post and I will write to you soon.


Have a great day!



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