Las Fallas de Valencia Las Fallas de Valencia are a worldwide party, but you know its origin?

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I am back to tell you what is going on in Spain at the moment…well today, the 19th of march is quite a busy day in Spain, as we celebrate Father’s day, happy day to all the Spanish daddies out there, specially the ones around the word, as it is not celebrated the same day.


And then…a big party is happening in a city in Spain…yeah…LAS FALLAS en Valencia, I am sure you have heard from them as it is a worldwide party, but what is LAS FALLAS and what they celebrate…the answer…here!


Las Fallas de Valencia,  is a party hold in Valencia, east of Spain during March, it is in order to honour San José, so…today is the day of all Joses as well happy day to them all J, back to the point, San José is the carpenter’s patron, who used to put his old work to the street and burn it before the big day, meaning that the winter was gone and the saying hello to the spring.


This amount of wood work that was burnt started to get bigger and bigger throught the years, beaconing the big sculptures they are today made from plasterboard, nowadays full of humour and sarcasm to society.


The actual party starts last Sunday of February when “la fallera mayor” invites everyone to enjoy this party and it will be follow by firecrackers and fireworks everyday. From the 1st of March until the 19th every afternoon at 2 o;clock La Mascleta takes place, that is a big sshow of fireworks and firecrackers worthy to see. In the chambers square. During those days Las fallas are getting ready and you can start seeing them on the streets, every Comisión fallera, (groups) creates two fallas, an adult one and a children one, over 600 are built every year the 16th one of those fallas, will be awarded and it will be saved from the fire and taking to the Museum. The religion is present in this party as well and during the 17th and the 18th is typical take flowers to the virgin, founder of the city. Finally the 19th is when the Fallas get burnt, the night is lighted by massive flames, los falleros will throw something which means harmful, superfluous etc meaning a new era starts.


If you are thinking about visiting Valencia..just hold it for a year and visit the city the next Fallas, you won’t be disappointed.


las fallas de Valencia

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