learn Spanish with a tutor as you will get a PT If you want to know why I compare learn Spanish with a tutor as you will get a PT keep reading

Usually when talking with my friends I face the question if I am scared about getting less students due to the amount of resources reachable online or for self study and I recently found this sentences to shut them up “learn spanish with a tutor as you will get a PT”


COnfidence building


Let’s start for the common things which is obviously, when you make one of these decisions, either learn a new language or start going to the gym, both require determination so good on you!

I am not saying you will need a teacher of PT when you make up your mind and push yourself further, I find it interesting and brave how people start learning on their own, but I think at some point you should learn Spanish with a tutor as you will hire a PT why?

1.To learn in a simple and progressive way

Once you have been learning for a while, it can become quite frustrating as you will not advance so quick, when you start a -language from the scratch is easy to see big improvements as everything is new and you can start learning anything and it will see a big thing but after a while you will find yourself stuck or maybe learning things you should not until you get another knowledge first, a tutor will have a programme tailored for you. As you will never start doing pull ups straight away, you will use the equipment in which you learn how to lift yourself in a progressive way.




2.To gain confidence

At some point you will get sick of all the resources and you will want to check your progress out and that only comes true when you talk my friend…you could try plenty of communities, foros…etc but a tutor is someone will listen asking the question in order to check your progress and to check the different things you should know according to your level and of course correct you,not just correct you but explain you why you should use another verb tense, adjetive etc a teacher will never say it is just because…they will give you facts so you could retain the info for long and not make the same mistake again, or in case you do have the patient enough to explain it again and not just ignore it as people will understand anyway, if you want to learn a language you want to learning properly not just half, as people is going to understand you anyway…The same if you are at the gym doing some exercises but you are not doing it properly and it is hurting your back, it will be good someone to teach your the technique.




3. Motivation

On the way to reach your goals some time can get really hard and if you learn or train by yourself it will be easier to give up, if you have someone to talk about it, what is getting hard,how you feel, as I do not how other teachers work but I try to get closer to all my students, I think that is the way the get better results and it helps to develop the relationship with the language learning too, they will always support you and give you another point of view and of course things are gonna get harder at some point nobody says it will not but that is when they get worth to fighting for them and when you get that point you will be proud of yourself and the feeling will beat all the previous one.


With this blog I am not saying you need to join a courses or get private lessons every week or you could not learn a language by your own I am saying that a bit of help is always good and might be just once every two weeks, or a month depend on your level will be enough to push you a bit harder.


And of course as when you try to get fitter and loose weight it is not just going to the gym it requires a strong settle minded to change your eating routine too, the same when learning a new languages, it is just nit enough to join a course or taking private lessons to get when you want to get it also requires study and some effort on your behave, PT’s and tutors are here to help you but we can not do all.

That is my moment to tell you about my new beginners courses (A1 and A2) starting the week of the 22nd of June, come along and check all these reason out 🙂


Those are the main ones, why learn spanish with a tutor as you will get a PT, if you can think in any other, you know I always welcome comments, also if you do not agree with some of them I listen too.

Have a good weekend

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