Let’s talk money in Spanish

Money is a worldwide topic, whenever you go there it is! Therefore I thought it would be quite useful if I would give you a crash course related to money vocabulary/expressions in Spanish

So what do you think, are you ready to talk dinero with your Spanish friends? In today’s blog you are going to learn some other Spanish words we use in Spain in a colloquial way instead of dineromoney, and some expressions to talk when people (or you) have (lots or not quite enough) money. Ah! Yes! And also will learn how you can refer to that friend that never pays, they won’t even buy you a coffee for your birthday (we all have one) 😊- so keep reading even if it is only so you can call that friend out in Spanish 😊

Let’s talk money in Spanish

First things first, let’s start with some words we can use in a colloquial way instead of dinero.

First things first, let’s start with some words we can use in a colloquial way instead of dinero.

In Spain another words for dinero are pasta, guita or perras, have you ever heard them?

If a friend asks you for money they could say:

He olvidado mi cartera, ¿me puedes dejar pasta para el autobús? Obviously you will know he is not asking you for pasta, like the food, buy pasta as money 😊 he will be saying I forgot my wallet, could you lend me some “money” for the bus?

Or if a cousin tells you necesito guita, you will know that the thing he needs is money

Also your grandmother could ask you ¿tienes suficientes perras? And she would want to know if you have enough money -yes! My grandma still asks 😊

Also something important is that money can be monedascoins or billetesnotes

And that we can pay al contado or en efectivo that means we will be paying cash or con tarjeta, by card.

Now let’s have a look to some expressions:

And we are going to start with expressions we use to say we don’t have money, or not enough to do what we would like to do, so we can end on a high.

We are going to see 4 different expressions to express you don’t have enough money:

Estar sin blanca

Estar a dos velas

No tener ni un duro

Estar pelado

So if your friends ask you to go out but it is the end of the month you could say:

Yo paso, estoy sin blanca  or

Yo no tengo un duro, conmigo no contéis, another option might be

Este mes estoy a dos velas, and lasty you could aso try:

No puedo, estoy pelado

A useful verb, when we don’t have money , or even if we do is regatear, that means to bargain

And it is always good when you find something very cheap, a good value for money, and what that happens we can say we have found ¡un chollo! or ¡ una ganaga! Both mean we found a bargain!

In the other side of the spectrum, sometimes we know someone that has lot of money, to speak about something that has money we can use

Estar montado en el dollar

Estar forrado-with has a close equivalent in English, to be loaded

Tener un pastizal

People who has money (and people who does not too) sometimes les gusta desfilfarrar-they like to squander , or might be they don’t like it, but from time to time we all despilfarramos.

Despilfarrar is the colloquial verb for gastar dinero (to waste money)and desfilfarrar is to squander (yes! I looked one up in the dictionary 😊)

And lastly for those friends we have mentioned above, yes, those who never pay for the coffee we refer to them as

Ser un agarrado

Ser un rata

Ser de la cofradía del puño cerrado

And….that is it! Although we are not really done…

A few more things before we part ways:

Your comments mean so much to me, because hay cosas que el dineor no puede comprar-there are things money can’t buy, and your support is one of them, so if you can just leave a comment below I would love it, just a quick sentence using one of the words/expressions from today’s blog and also it would be great to know:

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