A little Spanish twist to sound more as a native Today we are going to talk about a small trick that not many Spanish students use, but when it used can make a difference in your Spanish conversation.


The goal of many of my students is to speak Spanish fluently and to sound as native as possible, that it is why I thought that today we will learn a little Spanish twist to sound more as a native. I am sure you are aware of it, but I want you to use it, that is why today we are giving it special attention. I am sure by now you are thinking, ok…What is it? What is that twist Blanca? Well… today, we are talking about absolute superlative! If that does not mean anything to you, I am not surprise, it is a long noun.

The absolute superlative is a form of adjective, which indicates that a person or thing possesses a quality to an unusual or exceeding degree; however it is not used to compare a person or thing with someone or something else.


A little Spanish twist to sound more as a native

For today’s theme I have recorded a mini lesson for you.



If you want you can download the mini lesson for the video click here.

As always I hope you enjoy this mini-lesson and you start to incorporate this little twist to sound more as a native in your Spanish conversations.

As I told you at the beginning of this blog I am sure you are aware of this little twist, but I would love to know.

-do you use it?

-do you hear it when you speak with Spanish speakers? In series? Podcast?

Leave a comment below with a word in its absolute superlative. Extra points if you leave a full sentence.

Let me know, I am looking forward to hearing from you, because at the moment that is me. I will write you next week until then…make it a good one!

Also I will be very grateful if you share this blog with someone that can benefit from it!


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