Lo que in Spanish

Do  you want to know “a thing” about “lo que” ? The structure “lo que” in Spanish drives a lot of students crazy, today I am giving you a simplified version of it to help you understand it a little bit.

The thing about “lo que”

Before we start with “lo que” , I need to tell you a little bit about “el que” and “la que”, that both means “the one that” in English.

We use “el que” for masculine and singular objects and “la que” for feminine singular.

Let’s see some examples

If you can’t find your pen and you ask me:

¿has visto mi boligrafo? –have you seen my pen?

I might want to know what pen you are looking for and ask

¿qué bolí? ¿El que usas siempre?-what pen? The one that you always use?

For la que, let’s imagine you want to know what jacket suits you better for a party, you could ask me

¿qué chaqueta te gusta más? –what jacket do you like better?

I could answer

Me gusta la que compraste en España-I like the one that you bought in Spain.

So…”el que” for masculine, “la que” for feminine, but then we have “lo que” that is more generic, I mean, we use it for neutral things, things that does not have a specific gender, they are concepts, ideas, something more abstract.

But…what does “lo que” mean? “lo que” English equivalent is “WHAT”, for example

Lo que me gusta de la película tiene un final feliz-What I like about the movie is that has a happy ending.

lo que” can also be substituted by “la cosa que” in English too “the thing that”, let’s have a look to the previous sentence and use “la cosa que” instead of “lo que”

La cosa que me gusta de la película es que tiene un final feliz-the thing that I like about the movie is that has a happy ending.

As you can see the meaning doesn’t change a bit.

Let’s see another example

Me encanta lo que estudiamos en clase- I love what we study in class.

Or using “la cosa que” , me encanta la cosa que estudiamos en clase-I love the thing that we study in class.

In this case we could also use it as plural “las cosas que” as probably you study more than one thing in the lesson, and you love them all, but you get the point, the meaning is the same, and it will leave the sentences looking like

Me encantan las cosas que estudiamos en clase- I love the things that we study in class.

That is it guys! That is all I wanted to tell you about “lo que”, as I said at the beginning this is a simplified version, but I really hope it helped you to get  a better understanding of this structure that drives many students crazy, and now you can start using it in some of your Spanish conversations, and if that sounds very scary, maybe just in your writings, at the beginning 🙂

What about starting now?

Leave  a comment with a sentence using “lo que”, I promise I will review every single one of them.

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I hope you enjoy today’s Spanish dose 🙂

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