Making mistakes when learning Spanish

When you learn Spanish you are going to make mistakes, and you need to be ok with it, and also learn that learning a language is a lifelong journey, so it will be more than one mistake : )

I titled this blog making mistakes when learning Spanish, because that is the language I teach, and probably the one you are learning, that I why you are in this blog. But this blog can be applied to the learning of any languages, why? Because every time you try to learn something, you are going to make mistakes, and that is ok. I just want you to understand that.

Making mistakes when learning Spanish

Some students get really upset when they make a mistake, it really gets to them and they take a while to recover from it. Others make mistakes more often and they don’t care? Why? It is (I hope) because they realised that making mistakes is part of the journey and totally normal.

What kind of student are you? Let a comment and let me know:

In today’s video I am sharing a little story about one mistake (quite embarrassing (and funny too)) that I made not long ago, and I have been living in Edinburgh for years!

Have a look here –>

I hope this video encourages you to make mistakes, and also learn from them (I hope not to make the same mistake again) and just keep learning, enjoying and practicing!

And…if you have a funny story about a mistake you have made and you are ready to share… leave a comment and let me know! I would love to hear from you.

Hopefully this video is what you need to hear today.

Keep your Spanish up!

Un abrazo

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