New year, new life and how to set Spanish goals New year, new life and how to set Spanish goal, it is a blog where you can get ready for your Spanish journey next year.


The title for the post is a typical Spanish sentences, “Año  Nuevo, vida nueva” (new year, new life) that means we all have a new chance to get and do and reach whatever we need/want, it means a new beginning.


New year, new life and how to set Spanish goals,

It is a blog, the last one of this year, this 2015 that is has been amazing for me, so first of all I just want to say “thank you”, thank you for reading my post every week, thank you for being one of my students, thank you for just came to this page even if you do not know how, because you made me have a great year.

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How to set Spanish goals.

I know you were hoping for something amazing with the key for a quick and good Spanish learning, but I am afraid I have to disappoint you, as the way to set Spanish goals, it is the same you set any other goals.

You just need to want to reach them, commit and I promise you will get them, a few tips I can give you are

1-Forget about past goals or goals which you did not go, let them go, as the title of this post “new year, new life”, is the perfect moment for a new beginning in all those things that did not work once, that does not mean they are not gonna happen ever.

“Imagine you tried to learn Spanish before but you did not try hard enough so you gave up, it does not mean you are not gonna be able to be Spanish, forget that old goal and try again as if you had never tried before”

Or if you are already learning Spanish and you feel some specific aspect is giving you a hard tried and you are just about to give up, don’t !Think you have never tried and give it a fresh start from a new point of view trying something different.

2-They need to be specific, so you can focus, it is like people saying I want to be happy, yeah of course, but what is happiness?What would make you happy?The same with the language learning, a lot of people say “I want to learn Spanish”, ok “Why do you want to learn Spanish?”If you just want to read books in the original languages, you will need to focus in some different aspects from people whom want to learn to travel, as they are going to need the speaking part, but maybe for you it is not that important, because speaking is not your final goal.

3-Write them, that way you will feel your goals as part of you, think about them is fine, but when you write them down you are materializing them, it is the first step.



4-They need to be reachable, not impossible or you will feel so frustrated that you will end up giving them up, they not need to be easy, in fact they should not be easy, but not impossible, something you can not reach with the thgings you are doing now, but if you push yourself a bit you will manage to get it.

5-Make a plan, wirte a few things you will need to do in order to get your goal, like “learn 5 new Spanish words a day”, if we keep talking about the goal to learn Spanish in order to read a book, learning a few Spanish words a day will be useful.

6-They have to be measurable ,so you can feel you are getting closer to them, in the case you want to learn Spanish to read Spanish book, you can say “I want to understand this Spanish book by May”, so you will start reading and not understanding a word, but maybe in a few weeks, once you have set your plan in order to get your goals, you start picking some words, and in a month some sentence….and eventually you will be able to read and understand the whole book.


Today is not a day to have homework, just a great quote, “Believe you can and you will be half way there” 🙂



Feel free to share your new years resolutions below so you will be writing them down and committing to them in some point 🙂 I am looking forward to reading them all.


Best wishes for this new year 🙂

cheers to twenty sixteen

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