Once upon a time

Today we are going to learn how to start your own stories in Spanish, starting with once upon a time in Spanish

Today’s blog is going to be very short and sweet, as it is straight to the point.

I am sure you have heard, or even you might have started a story yourself with the words “once upon a time”, but what if you needed to tell that same story in Spanish? How would you start it off?

Well the equivalent of once upon a time in Spanish is actually double, as we have two different ways to start our stories, very similar tho.

Are you curious? Keep reading to find out.

Once upon a time

The first one is érase una vez, and the second variation is había una vez

That is it! But…I also want to talk about something else,  because sometimes Spanish students think that once upon a time should be in the pretérito indefinido (simple past) as we are talking about once-una vez  , it is a very specific time, however we use the imperfecto (imperfect) in both translations, why? Well it is because if you have studied the difference between indefinido and imperfecto, not in lose sentences but telling stories, when we use  all the past tenses at the same time, we use the indefinido to move the story, short actions that move us along, but we use the imperfecto not to move the story but to add info, to describe, and this sentence  is what it does, it describes, it is setting the scene, that is why we use the imperfecto, even tho when it is just once-una vez  in the sentence : )

Does it make sense? I hope so, if not feel free to leave a comment and I will try to explain it more in depth or in a different way. And …something extra…. After our story we can say vivieron felices y comieron perdices – the live happy ever after 🙂

As usual I hope you enjoyed this blog and you took something from it, before you leave I would love to hear from you, so leave a comment and let me know:

-did you know the equivalent of once upon a time in Spanish?

-Have you ever heard these sentences?

As always you know that practice makes perfect so…leave a comment below starting your own story in Spanish, example : Había una vez una princesa que vivía en un castillo….(that is all, that is enough ) J If  you like my content and find it useful I would love if you would consider buying me a coffee, you can do that

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