PARTY TIME! IT IS CARNAVAL!!! Carnaval is a major party in some parts of Spain and South America

It is Carnaval, it is a time to dress up, dance, sing and over all enjoy! It is celebrate 40 days before Easter, funny enough as it is not a Christian celebration, it is a pagan festival, anyway back to the point that is why it does not have a fix date, every year change, usually between February and March.

If you are looking for enjoying the Carnaval…be ready to sleep during the day and go out at night, when everything takes place and it is as bright as at the day time with all the lights hanging around.






Different ways to celebrate Carnaval

Carnaval in Spain, it is usually for 3 days, apart for the festival in Tenerife (Canary Island) that is known as the second biggest just behind Brazil, the Carnaval there last a week and it is all about who wears the most pretentious dress and the highest heels, and massive parades, such a great experience, Spain Carnival also has something know as “Las Chirigotas” typical from Cadiz, Andalucía (South of Spain), they are makeup songs which talk about the routine day and the present news with a great sense of humour and sometimes not as great words for politicians.

Carnaval in Bolivia it is celebrated for several days and it is about dance, parades and having fun.

Carnaval en Peru public celebration, with cheerful environment and parades and usually goes with water, flavour and paints games.

Carnaval en Colombia, in the famous area Barranquilla is where one of the biggest parties takes place.

We could keep talking about every singles South American country who celebrates the Carnaval in its own way, but always with the main ingredient a lot of music, costumes and live street party with parades for every one taste.


Other famous Carnaval

We could finish this blog without a special mention to Brazil’s Carnaval, and Venice’s one, funny how these two cities being so apart from each other celebrate Carnaval in a big way, way different from each other though, Brazil is more about colours, music, salsa and fiesta in one word, we could say it is modern, on the other side Venice is tradition, classic costume. But they do something in common the magnificent of their costumes and the party thought which make people go to the street and enjoy themselves in a different role they play the rest of the year.


I hope I wake something inside you and now you are looking forward to live the next Carnaval in your own skin J book your tickets and let’s get the party started!

party-time-it-is-carnaval party-time-it-is-carnaval

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