Quiz time! The verb “to be” in Spanish How well have you learned the verbs SER and ESTAR in Spanish? Quiz time! The verb "to be" in Spanish will help you to answer that question.

It is quiz time!The verb “to be” in Spanish can be tricky as we saw last week, that is why this week, I thought about giving you a break of learning something new and give you something to practice on instead.

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Quiz time! The verb “To be” in Spanish, is an entry where you could check if you have understood how the verbs SER and ESTAR work, because it is quite easy when you read the theory once and again and you think you got it, but when we put the things we have learned into practice sometimes is a bit more complicate, so this week I do not want you to flood your mind with more grammar, I just want you to practice when to use the verbs ser and estar.

The quiz

That is why I created five simple, or maybe not that simple test, so you can take it, as many as you want just to proof if you have mastered the theory , I have divided the quiz in levels, because I have come across a lot of people whom Spanish is fluent but they still make mistakes using ser and estar in the right way.

Even if you are advance I would recommend you to start taking the beginners one and try all the quiz on your way to your level, practice is never something bad.


If you are a beginner have a look beginners

Post beginners


For you that just crossed the beginners line try this one, a bit harder post-beginners Intermediate

Have you studied the past tenses yet?Then try this test Intermediate




You are fluent in Spanish and the tense in the indicative mode are not a problem for you? Here is your test advance level



Challenge yourself to take the master now, you will practice ser and estar in the subjuntive mode master


!Buena suerte!

And if you do not get the result your were expecting, do not get frustrated,sometimes it is not we do not know, just it is not the right moment, because we have our minds busy with work, family, friends, so many things so  go away, take a break and try again later on :).

Your homework

As usual, practice is your main duty, but on top of that I will dare you to take a tour for all the quiz I have created, even if they are beyong your level, so you can have a go and see what is waiting for you in your learning future, be brave, explore and give it a go 🙂

If you are happy with your result and you want to leave a comment below sharing your happiness, feel free, I am always happy to share your learning joy and also if you have any question about any of the answers in the test, I am here to help you.

Wishing you a lovely weekend full of leaning,

Talk to you next week with something new.

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