I often get asked about resources that I recommend to learn Spanish, specially books .

A lot of my students really want to level up their Spanish, and for that they search things to do on top of the lessons, often they ask me for recommendations, so I thought once a month I will write a book with my latest recommendations.

This recommendations will always be based on my experience and knowledge and they will all have been tried/read/watched by me. The links of these books will also be affiliates link, that means that if you purchase the items using them I will get a small percentage of the price, but the price you will pay won’t be affected at all.

All that been said, let’s dive into today’s resources.

So to start with I though I will mention a couple of books, and two pairs of cards game (which I love playing)


Let’s start with books:

1-Short stories for beginners, by Olly Richards is a great book with easy and very short chapters to start with,  but that get more complicate as the books moves forward. It starts with the present tense (you need to have some knowledge of irregular verbs in the present tense) in the first chapters and move progressively in to the past tenses.

In the chapters you will find bold words that will be given as vocabulary at the end of each chapter, with a small summary of the chapter and some multiple option questions to check you understand the chapter. You can get it here.

2-Short stories for intermediate again by Olly Richards.

The structure is the same as the book for beginners, short chapter with vocabulary and idioms marked in bold and explained at the end of the chapter. The level of this book is much more advance and it uses the subjunctive so you will need to have a B2 to start reading this book. Read more about it here.

3-Pride y prejuicio, such an interesting book, it is written in a mixed of English and Spanish, for example in one sentence you will find “Yo told Sr. Darcy que nosotros should not be able to keep our engagement. Todo eso está settled.” It also come with bold letters which are explained in the margins of the page.

This type of reading might not be for everyone but I think it is totally worth it giving it a try. I really enjoyed it and I think you should have a look here.

of course

4-has to be my own book of Spanish idioms’ book with Spanish idioms, when to use  them examples and their English equivalents. GET IT HERE.


Let’s talk now about card games that I think they are so much fun and specially good if you want to practice some Spanish with your children. I love the pictures on them too.

1-Cards of families from 7 countries, in this deck you will have 7 families form across the word the families are Mexican, Indian, Arabic, skimo, bantu etc and each of them has 6 members (abuelo, abuela, madre, padre, hijo e hija) . Each player starts with 7 cards and then player 1 ask any of the other players for a card he wants  ex. If he has padre mexicano and hijo mexicano he could ask for hija Mexicana, if the person who was asked has it, they will need to give it to player 1, and then he will ask again for another card to any of the player until the person asked does not have the card he asked for, then player 1 will pick up a card from the middle deck and the player who did not have the card will start asking, when the player has a complete family he will put it a part. The player who wins is the one who has more families complete. YOU CAN FIND THIS DECK HERE.

2-Parejas del mundo. You can play in a similar way you will play the one above, but I like to play as a memory game, that means, I will put all the cards looking down and then each player in turn will need to turn 2 cards, if they are a match, they will keep them, if not they will put them looking back again and it will be next player turn. The winner is the player with have more pairs at the end of the game. HAVE A LOOK HERE

That’s all for today’s blog, but I promise I will have more for you next month.

If you get any of the items or you have already used them please feel free to leave a comment and let us know your thoughts on them 😊

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