Running out of something in Spanish

I am sure you have run out something quite often, imagine you have to express that in Spanish, could you?

In today’s blog we are learning how to express we run out of something in Spanish (hint we also use a verb and a preposition)  and I will also give you a related adjective.

Therefore the blog today is quite short and very straight forward.

Running out of something in Spanish

To run out of something in Spanish is “quedarse sin

So imagine I have run out of ink for  my printer in Spanish I will say “me he quedado sin tinta para la impresora

The adjective that is related to this verb is agotado that in English is sold out. We use it with the verb estar, so estar agotado means to be sold out.

Imagine I go to several shops to buy ink for my printer but I can’t find any. It is sold out, I could say

I can’t find ink anywhere, it is sold out! – no puedo encontrar tinta en ningún lugar, está agotada

And a situation where we could use both words, the verb and the adjective could be, if I want to cook a cake, but I don’t have yeast, and I can get it in any supermarket I would say

Quería hacer una tarta el fin de semana, pero me he quedado sin levadura y está agotada- I wanted to make a cake during the weekend but I ran out of yeast and it is sold out.

Ok, we are almost done for today, but before we say goodbye I want to throw you a challenge, I am going to give you one sentence in Spanish and other in English and I want you to give me the translation in English for the Spanish sentence and in Spanish for the English one,

what do you say, are you in?

The sentences are:

-Las entradas para el partido del sábado están agotadas

How would you translate that into English? Leave your answer in the comments and I will get back to you

-I want to cook Spanish omelette but I have run out of eggs

How would you translate that into Spanish? Same, leave your translation in the comments and I will give you feedback That’s it my friend! That is all I wanted to talk to you about, as always I hope you enjoyed this blog and find it useful, if you did and my content has helped you in any way along the years I would be very grateful if you could spare some change and treat me to a coffee as a way of say “gracias”, you can do that here –>

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