Saber versus conocer Spanish verbs can be quite confusing, as we have both that they mean one in english keep reading to find the differences of one of those, saber vs conocer

Hola amigos, I told you I will be here “pronto” and here I am for you all Spanish lovers, today I am going to read about verbs, I know…that awesome word full of possibilities in Spanish, todays blogs is about two verbs that people often find confusing as both of them have the same translation in Engllish, to know…As you would have probably guess, today we are talking about Saber versus conocer.



Often I find confused students, asking themselves when to use saber and when to used conocer, that why I thought about call my blog saber versus conocer 🙂 and if you are one of these people, whom confuse them , welcome on board, you will learn today the differences and the way to use both.

1st step meaning…

As you know both of them mean to know…that is why can be quite confusing to use them. but with a simple tricks…easy!

2nd step….the basics


Qué -what


quién o dónde-who or where

3rd step….all clear


4th step..examples


Facts- Yo sé donde trabaja Luis-I know where Luis works-it is a fact you know.

Information-¿Sabes cuándo es el exámen?-Do you know when is the exam?-That is an info either you know (saber) or you do not.

How to do thing-Ellos no saben cocinar-they do not know how to cook.-they do not know how to do it

things you have learnt by heart/things you know…-Mi sobrina sabe el abecedario-my niece knows the alphabet-she has learnt it and now she knows it by heart without even think about it.


People you are familiar with- No conozco a tu nuevo compañero de trabajo- I do not know his new workmate yet-meaning you still haven´t meet him

Things-¿Conoces el sitio de internet you know the website if you are familiar with…if you have Heard about it or know if it exist and what it does

Places- ¿Conoces Barcelona? –Do you know Barcelona?- Meaning as well have you been in…


I thought to keep todays post simple but clear, hope it has helped you with your doubts, if you have any comment I am looking forward to hearing them all, so leave a comment below and I will be in touch, in the mean while…


Practice, practice and practice, because practice makes perfection, so jump into all Spanish people you know (conocer) and use these two confusing verbs,and I promise they will not be that confusing “pronto”, and if you want to practice with us…Feel free to drop a message in the comments below, everyone can learn from them.

Have a great weekend and…I will write you soon.



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