Sentences made in Spain –part II- Not long ago I wrote a blog called sentences made in Spain, people loved it, so I thought to write a second part of it. So yeah! You guessed it, today’s blog will be about sentences made in Spain too.

As I told you before, and you would be probably tired to hear/read…fixed sentences, idioms, expressions are so important, and can make a difference in your speech, even if you do not have a lot of grammar, saying the right sentences can make to look an expert. I think that is why the blog sentences made in Spain part I was so popular, if you haven’t read go here and have a read but first keep reading this, do not worry sentences made in Spain-part II- does not necessary need to be read after part I.

Ok explanations made let’s go to the learning part, I hope you enjoy sentences made in Spain-part II  and put a smile in your face.

So if you are ready let get the learning going.



Sentences made in Spain-part II-


1-No dar palo al agua-not to give a stick to the water

Weird isn’t it?But… ok…you know that is not like it really means , right?


We use this sentences when we are surprise how lazy someone else, in English one of the possible translation could be “to not lift a finger”

Example-You are surprise one of your colleague at work still is working there as he does nothing or very little. You could comment it with another colleague saying.

-Me sorprende que todavía conserve el trabajo, no da palo al agua  “I am surprise he still keeps the job he does nothing/not lift a finger.

2- Irse por los ceros de Úbeda-to go through the hills of Ubeda.


Used when someone does not go straight to the point instead they wander around it, so in English could be something like “go wander off the point” Example if you are asking for explanations regarding something has not been done at work, and your employees/colleagues do not give you a straight answer but excuses  you will say -Eso no es lo que he preguntado, no te vayas por los cerros de Úbeda  “That is not what I asked,  do not wander off the point”


3-Llevarse el gato al agua-to take the cat to the water


Another one that when you say it might sound weird if you are not familiarize with it but the meaning is pretty simple….it means “to win” or to use an expression too “to get your way”, and again it might be in sports, a discussion with a friend about where to go for dinner…anything!

Example- If you watched a match Manchester against Barcelona, and it was a good match for Manchester but they did not win you could comment the match saying

El Manchester jugó muy bien contra el Barcelona, pero al final no pudo llevarse el gato al agua  “Manchester played really well, but at the end could not win Barcelona”

Example 2- If you are talking about what to do this weekend with a friend and she wants to go to the cinema but you want to go to the theatre, you could say

-No sé porque discutimos, ya sabemos que al final vamos hacer lo que tú quieras, siempre te llevas el gato al agua    “I do not know what we are discussing this, we know we will be end up doing what you want, you always win/get your way”

4-Colgar el sanbenito

This one is a difficult one to translate so let’s go straight to the explanation.


We use “colgar el sanbenito” we use it when we brand someone of being something, or to take the blame….it is kind of put a stigma on someone

Example-one of your friend did something stupid once, like throwing the beers one night and from now on you all think he is clumsy, and obviously he is not allowed to hold more than one beer at once. He would complain saying

-!No soy torpe! Solo se me cayeron las bebidas una vez, le podia haber pasado a cualquiera pero me colgastéis el sanbenito  “I am not clumsy, I just threw the beers one, it could have happened to anyone but you brand me”

5-Llevarse a alguien al huerto-to take someone to the orchard

Used when we get our way, kind of….and sometimes we even cheat to get our own way, kind of to dupe or to swindle


Example-You have a friend that asked you for money before invented some story as an excuse…and he is asking you again doing the same,  you will say as a way of negation

-Lo siento, a mi no me vas a llevar al huerto otra vez, y ate dejé dinero una  vez y no me lo devolviste  “I am sorry but you are not going to swindle me again, I let you money once and you did not give it back”

#note-nowadays “llevarse a alguien al huerto” sometimes can have a sexual connotation and we use it to say someone has slept with someone.

-¿Has oído al final Julio se llevo a Marta al huerto?   “Have you hear finally Julio and Maria slept together?”

Homework, pick one from  the sentences above and write a sentence where you can use it in the comments, so you make sure you understand the meaning and when to use it, I will go through them all and let you know if you got it or you need a second read J

Now it is your turn, leave  a comment below and let us know if you know any sentences made in Spain and when you use it, you will probably help someone to learn something new.

Also…I would love to know if you know any other difference sentences that mean the same that one of the above,  that have other way to express the same, like number 1 “no dar palo al agua” we can say as well “es muy vago/perezoso”

That is all for today, I hope you enjoy this sentences made in Spain-part II- 🙂

Have a good day and I will write to you soon-pronto



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