Series that would help you with your Spanish Listening (and understanding) a foreign languages is always tricky. But it can get better.

A lot of the times I hear my students complaining about how hard is to understand Spanish people, they do not have any problems speaking or reading but when it comes to listen they hit a big wall, I am sorry I do not have a magic trick for it, but I am here today with some Spanish series that could help you, as the only thing that work is practice, you need to be consistent and listen a bit day in and day out, even during those frustrating days, that eventually will come. And that nowadays is easier than ever, because let’s be honest, who does not have Netflix, or an internet connection? Few of us, right? And how many of you are totally hooked up to a serie,  and can’t stop watching…well…imagine if that serie would be in Spanish…you will practice so much! That is why today I thought about giving you some serie recommendations you can watch in Spanish.


I am a big fan of movies too, but movie can be quite frustrating and you can loose your attention quicker as they are quite long, and as well, it is just one day, but with series, if you find one you like, that will be for the long run 🙂


Spanish series that would help you with your Spanish


Before we start with the list I want to make clear here, if watching Spanish series get too frustrating, or too hard and you do not enjoy, stop watching! There is not point! There several other options you can try, like podcast, books…

I always encourage students to do things they are not totally comfortable with, but there is a different between get the general meaning or not get anything at all, and getting angry about it.

Also keep in mind the series are made for natives, so the speed is quite fast and the vocabulary could be slang, so I would recommend you to start watching them with subtitle, in English if you are a beginner or in Spanish if you have been studying for a while. I know from experience, it could be a waste of time and you might feel you are just reading but trust me it is working (in the long run).

Vale, that’s been said, let’s have a look to the series.


1-las chicas del cable: Uno de los grandes éxitos del momento. Tiene lugar en la España de los años 20, cuando los primeros teléfonos empezaban a funcionar. Tiene una mezcla de suspense y drama que te harán no poder ver solo un episodio.

2-La casa de papel:  otro de los éxitos del momento, un thriller de suspense adictivo en el que un grupo planea el robo de la casa de la moneda, es una serie llena de giros y cambio que te mantendrá adivinando todo el tiempo.

3-el ministerio del tiempo: un ministerio está encargado de que nada o nadie pueda cambiar la historia. En esta serie hay de todo, historia, suspense, amor.

4-ingobernable: serie Mexicana, también de suspense, y algo de drama politico, Cuenta la historia de una mujer con convicciones e ideales que tendrá que descubrir la verdad cuando pierde la confianza en su marido.

5-cuatro estaciones en la Habana: una novela negra de detectives que tiene lugar en La Habana. En esta serie te enamorarás de Cuba, los escenarios son fantásticos y la trama intrigante.

6-Velvet: esta serie romántica te transportará al glamuroso Madrid de los años 50.

7-el tiempo entre costuras: un drama de espías. La trama es un poco lenta, pero los paisajes de España, Portugal y Marruecos merecen la pena. Está basada en una novela, si eres de lso que prefiere leer.

8-Gran hotel: Otra historia de suspense y algo de drama en los primeros años del siglo XX.  Varios extraños se conocen durante su estancia en un hotel de lujo

Old ones

These two are not new but they are amazing and such a great watch, you won’t regret it!

El internado: una serie de suspense y algo de ciencia ficción. Tiene lugar en un internado donde las relaciones entre protagonistas te engancharán.


Cuéntame como paso:  ha estado en la televisión española por años. Cuenta la historia de España y su transición hasta convertirse en el país que es, centrada en una familia y los cambios y adaptaciones que tienen con cada época


Those are my recommendations for today, but now I would love to hear from you.


-have you watched any Spanish series?

-Do you have a favourite serie?

-Which one of the above are you going to give a try?


Let a comment below and let me know. I am looking forward to reading from you.


And also before you leave if you know someone, and I bet you do who spend hours watching series and they are learning Spanish too share this blog post with them, spread the love around.


I leave you to enjoy the series. Please let me know what you think about them.


Write you soon


3 Responses to “Series that would help you with your Spanish”

  1. Amy

    I’m totally hooked on La Niña, a Colombian series on Netflix. It’s so good!!

    Thanks for the suggestions. La Casa de Papel sounds interesting!

  2. James

    Hola Blanca, he visto varias de estas series. La que que he visto todas los episodios es “La Reina del Sur”. Era entretenida pero el final era decepcionante. Aqui en EEUU hay unas series dobladas en espanol y tienen buenos subtitulados palabra por palabra, “Blue Bloods” una policiaca y “Elementary”, sobre Sherlock Holmes y otras tambien.

  3. Rich Kim

    I found a series, Extra en español, on YouTube which I can understand, mas o menos. 🙂


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