Shorten words in Spanish

Lots of people, you might be one of them, think that Spanish words are very long, but the thing is sometimes we can shorten those words in our daily conversations.

Today I am talking about a controversial subject, today I am going to teach some short words that we can use instead of a long word, why controversial, you might be thinking (because I am sure it is good news for you as a student) . Well some people think that it is childish, that destroy the language and that people don’t really talk like that, but I don’t agree, I think these words are very commonly used in the day a day.

In fact, I don’t think that many people ask

¿Puedes sacarme una fotografía? –can you take me a picture?

¿Sacaste muchas fotos en la fiesta? –did you take lots of pictures in the party?

I am sure much more people would use foto instead of fotografía.

Languages are flexible and malleable, and I want you to learn that, of course always with respect and not destroying the language I love.

So if you want to learn some shorten words in Spanish, let’s go!

Shorten words in Spanish

I am sure you are going to love this blog, as it is quite easy, it is just vocabulary, and most of the words you would know, I just want you to know the shorter version for them too.

The first one is profe, for profesor or profesorateacher, and I am sure you are familiar with this one, as I use t quite often, especially in my YouTube videos.

We also use cumple for cumpleaños-birthday

¿Tuviste muchos regalos por tu cumple? –did you get many presents for your birthday?

¿Cómo vas a celebrar tu cumple? –how are you going to celebrate your birthday?

The one I mentioned above foto for fotografía-photograph/picture 

¿Sacaste muchas fotos en la fiesta? –did you take lots of pictures in the party?

Remember-that foto is feminine, una foto, because although it ends in “-o”, the original word fotografía, is feminine, therefore when we shorten it, it keeps the original gender, the same happens with moto, the short version of motocicleta-motorbike.

No me gustan nada las motos, prefiero las bicis-I don’t like motorbikes at all, I prefer bikes.

Bici is bicicleta and boli, bolígrafo, ¿me puedes dejar un boli? He olivdado el mío-can you lend me a pen? I forgot mine.

If I say odio las mates, I mean odio las matemáticasmaths, and this one probably is more used by kids, because they are the ones who study it as a subject in school.

Tranqui is for tranquilo, tranquilo, todo va a salir bienbe calm, everything is going to be fine, and por fa is the sorthen for por favor, dame un minuto por fa-give me a minute please.

Pelí is the short version for películamovie, no tengo planes para esta noche, así que probablemente voy a ver una pelí-I don’t have plans for tonight, so I’ll probably watch a movie, but first necesito ir al super (supermercado) para hacer la compra – I need to go to the supermarker to do the shopping.

We tend to shorten words related to education too for example we use uni for Universidaduniversity, insti for instituto-high school and cole for colegioschool, and also the place where we study or borrow books from, la biblio o biblioteca-library.

But we also shorten words for holidays saying vacas instead of vacaciones and finde instead of fin de semanaweekend.

People who are in the same class are compis, compañerosclassmates, and this one too is more used by young people, because, again, they are the ones that normally go to class.

We have poli for policíapolice, but it is not as commonly used.

Although we do say frigo instead of frigoríficofridge, for example tengo hambre, voy a mirar que hay en el frigo-I am hungry, I am going to see what I have in the fridge.

When we need a haircut we go to la pelu, or la peluqueríathe hairdresser’s and if we want to see animals we can visit el zoo-the zoo, and I don’t think many people use the complete word zoólogico.

And lastly, we have chuches for chucheríascandy, sweets. Si comes muchas chuches se te caen los dientes-if you eat lots of sweets your teeth will fall. That is it! A blog different that the usual ones, but I hope you have enjoyed it and learnt something new, if you want to see this lesson in video format you can come over to my YouTube channel and have a look.

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And before you leave don’t forget to leave a comment below with other shorten words you know in Spanish.

I will see you in the comments.

Have a great day!

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