Same or similar words in Spanish and in English Sometimes Spanish and English words seem to come from different planet, they do not have anything in common, but other times we find some magic words (sigh of relief) that they are the same, and when that happens….what a joy!

Although Spanish and English have lots of false friends, those words that look alike but their meaning could not be more different,  I am sure you are familiar with them, probably you have found a couple if you have been study Spanish for a while, and I am sure you have made the mistake of using embarazada when you were embarrassed, that is probably one of the most common mistakes regarding false friends. Spanish and English also have words, many, more than students of both language would like, that have nothing in common, and they could not be more different.

But good news! Because Spanish and English also have some words that are the same or at least similar, and that is what this blog is all about. So next time you think a word might be tricking you and you think, should I use it…? Should am I not…? It might be a false friend…You can think about the list below and hopefully it will help you to get the decision. 🙂

So get comfy and enjoy some same or similar words in Spanish and in English!

Same or similar words in Spanish and in English


Before we start seeing some words I just want you to keep in mind that even when the words might be the same or similar you need to remember that pronunciation is different in each language, so keep that in mind and for example if you want are talking in Spanish and you say the word “club” that is one of the ones that are the same the sound would be a bit different while in English you would say club with kind of an open u,  in Spanish you will need to pronounce the “u” like in cool in English. This is not about phonetics, but I just want you to keep that in mind.

All right some words and with the same meaning in Spanish and English

We have:

Same words





























Awesome,  isn’t it? They are a few as you can see. The words above are the same, let’s move on to words that when even similar they are not exactly the same, although I bet you could make their English equivalent up, and the meaning is the same.

Similar words

1-problema is problem

2-cámara is camera

3-banco is bank

4-cine is cinema

5-restaurante is restaurant

6-paraíso is paradise

7-diccionario is dictionary

8-geografía is geography

9-nación is nation

10-asociación is association

11-fabuloso is fabulous

12-dormitorio is dormitory

13-personalmente is personally

14-farmacia is pharmacy

15-complicado is complicated

Awesome! As you see we have a few in this category too. I just gave you a few of both categories but there are much more, for example, categories, that in Spanish is categorías.


Vale amigo, once again we have reach the end of this week blog, I hope you enjoyed and learnt something new, if you did I would really appreciate if you share this blog with someone that can enjoy it and learn from it too, let’s spread the Spanish word around.

Also I would like to hear from you

-Did you ever think about how many Spanish and English words are similar or the same?

-Can you tell me any other Spanish word that is like an English one?

Looking forward to reading you in the comments below.

Have a great day and I will talk you next week

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