Some expressions with the verb dar in Spanish

The verb is quite a popular verb, and you might know a few things about it.

The verb “dar” is quite common in Spanish, and you might be familiar with it and know a couple of things about it, like for example that it is quite irregular. 😊 But  irregularities apart, the ver “dar” is also very interesting as we use it for some common expressions, or fixed sentences that are very native and in which the verb “dar” changes its meaning a bit.

That is what we are seeing today, I am going to give you some Spanish expressions that use the verb “dar” and that they are quite used in the day a day conversations.


Some expressions with the verb dar in Spanish

1-darse cuenta, it isto realize.

Used when we remember something or something clicks in our mind.

Cuando llegué al bar me di cuenta que había olvidado mi cartera en casa-when I arrived to the pub I realized I had forgotten my wallet at home

Also I start with this one and give you a little warning, watch out! A lot of Spanish students use realizar as to realize, and that is wrong. Realize is darse cuenta. Realizar and crear mean to create.

But one verb that can be used instead of darse cuenta might be notar, which meaning is to notic”, a bit different but quite similar.

2-dar ánimos, to give encouragement

We also have the verb animar, wich mean to cheer up or to encourage but dar ánimos is very common and indicates a bit of moral support.

Yo no participé en la carrera pero fui al estadio para dar ánimos a Miguel-I did not participate in the race, but I went to the stadium to give Miguel moral support.

3-dar con algo, similar to find out or to find.

El detective no descansó hasta que dio con el culpable.-The detective didn’t rest until he found the guilty one.

El otro día mirando fotos viejas di con mi anuario de la escuela-The other day looking through old pictures I found my yearbook from school.

4-dar una vuelta, we used the same way you would use in English to go for a stroll.

When we walk with no particular reason, just to enjoy.

Estoy muy cansada, pero creo que voy a dar una vuelta para despejarme-I am very tired but I think I am going to go for a stroll to clear my head.

5-dar a luz, it is pretty similar to the English equivalent, in the sense that both use the verb to give, dar a luz means to give birth

Mi amiga ha dado a luz esta semana-My friend has given birth this week.

6-dar igual means not to care

Me da igual ir al cine o al teatro, solo quiero salir de casa-I don’t care going to the cinema or to the theatre, I just want to leave my house.

7-darse un capricho is to treat yourself, and it does not matter how big or small is the treat.

Este fin de semana voy a darme un capricho-This weekend I am going to treat myself.

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