Spanish connection is on pinterest Great news guys!You can find Spanish connection now on pinterest

Hola amigos!


Here I am again with some great news!We all are social, and we love to socialize so Spanish connection is growing its social networks, now you can find us on pinterest


Spanish connection is trend


We all love social media these days, it is a way to stay in touch with your people, and Spanish connection is on pinterest now, we just found recently about it, and we love it, have a look,


It is just another world, less talk and more pictures, I would say, you can post your favourite pictures/photos and just add a small comment, you can create boards and you can decide who to share them with.


With this I would like to introduce a new section, Spanish connection around the world, a lot of our students, or maybe a lot of you, readers, like to travel, so why not to share your experiences or pictures with Spanish connection?


Feel free to send us an email to with a small description about a place you have been and you like it and I will publish so other people could read your experience, I think is a great way to share experiences and it could help people who is thinking about travelling to that places, videos and pictures welcome 🙂



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