Spanish courses in Edinburgh Spanish connection has new term of Spanish courses starting in May

Hola amigos!It is Blanca again, and I am here with some great new, first of all I would like to introduce you the new term of Spanish courses which will be starting the week of the 18th of May, just two week away, so get everything ready and make this summer to be your Spanish summer.

Spanish courses

Spanish connection has great news, it is starting new Spanish courses in Edinburgh, the timetable is available in our courses’ page we have a wide range of courses and times so you can choose the one which suits you better.



If you are a beginner thinking about starting learning, I can tell you that you will see your learning improve quick and easy, our Spanish courses in Edinburgh are not bigger than 8 students per class, and the run for 10 weeks, 2 hours every week and by the end of them you will be able to introduce yourself and other, talk about yourself and your family/friends, order food in a restaurant…to sum up you will be able to have a basic conversation in Spanish.

Spanish connection try to make its courses interesting touching subject you like and in a fun and friendly way because learning a new language should not be discouraging or frustrating and nobody should be embarrassed to make a mistake,and overall because you want to learn a language, but you also want to socialize and have a laugh in the meanwhile, that is why we try dynamic ways of learning.

If you are a bit advanced than beginners contact Spanish connection and we will find the right course for you, as you do not want to be in a group feeling as fish out of the water.:)

Our Spanish courses try to focus in each students as Spanish connection knows not everyone learn Spanish for the same reasons.

Giving to charity

If this was not enough to make up your mind, Spanish connection has an initiative going on for the Spanish courses starting this month, the 4% of the £105 that you will pay for the whole course will go to the charity you choose, so what are you waiting for?Learn Spanish and spread the love.

Hope to see you all soon 🙂


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