Spanish courses in Edinburgh If you are looking for a Spanish courses in Edinburgh, you are in the right place.

You have been thinking about learn Spanish for quite a long time…you always go to Spain on holidays, you have Spanish friends or you just want to start a new adventure and new some new people but you have not found the course you like just yet or you have been to busy…enough excuses!

Spanish connection is starting new Spanish courses in Edinburgh, the week of the 13th of April.


Spanish courses in Edinburgh will run 2 hours every week for 10 weeks,  you will finish just on time for your holidays so you can practice all the things learnt, we have a wide timetable, have a look and choose the group which matches your busy lifestyle better.

The cost is £105 for the full course and the classes are hold at George St


Beginners  Monday        10.30-12.30

Tuesday      18.30-20.30

Wednesday 9.00-11.00

Thursday    10.30-12.30

Friday         16.00-18.00

At the end of the beginner course you will be able to hold a basic conversation in Spanish,

You will learn the alphabet, greetings and farewells, introduce yourself and someone else, TO BE and TO HAVE and present tense of the regular verbs, order food in a restaurant, going shopping, the possessives, to talk about family and friends, to talk about your hobbies and thing you like, ask for directions and describe places.


So do not be shy, get in touch, is free and it does not commit you to anything, I will drop you a message with all the info straight away 🙂



To an enjoyable an bilingual summer


For the intermediate level we will need to arrange a chat to see your level and find you the group which suits you 🙂 so get in touch!


We are looking forward to hearing from you





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