Spanish expressions about lifestyle Spanish language is so rich, and you can feel and see that in its multiple idioms. Spanish people use to love idioms, and we have them in all shapes and forms and for any occasion.

I am so excited today, because, we are talking about Spanish expressions today, and as you might know I am all about idioms.

Maybe you have already realized that Spanish language use so many expressions, idioms, fixed sentences…we pretty much have an expression for every category/topic you can think of. And today’s Spanish expressions are about lifestyle.


Spanish expressions about lifestyle


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Vivir a cuerpo de rey  and Darse la buena vida


They both means pretty much the same: to live like a King, to live the good life,  so someone who lives comfortably. They enjoy their lifes.


No sé cuánto dinero gana mi primo, pero vive a cuerpo de rey – I don’t know how much my cousin earns but he lives like a king

Trabajo muy duro, pero en vacaciones me doy la buen vida –I work hard but during my holidays I live like a King


 (vivir) a todo tren


To live in style. When someone does not spare on expenses and doesn’t mind to spend money in things they like.

Mi vecino heredó mucho dinero de su abuela, y ahora vive a todo tren.-My neighbour inherited a lot of money from his granny, and now he is living in style.


Darse el lujo/capricho


To afford (to do something), to treat yourself

Las próximas vacaciones voy a darme el lujo de viajar al Caribe.-Next holidays I am going to treat myself and going to travel to the Caribean


Vivir de fiado/prestado


To live on credit.

Carmen todavía vive con su madre, ella necesita buscar un trabajo, no puede seguir viviendo de fiado- Carmen is still living with her mum, she needs to find a job, she can’t keep living on credit.


Ir a (su) bola


To do one’s own thing

Nunca sé qué hace Julia, ella va a su bola – I never know what Julia is doing, she does her own thing

Ser muy suyo


To be one’s own person

Jaime es muy suyo, y nunca dice mucho sobre su vida personal – Jaime is his own person and never says much about his personal life.

Vivir del aire


To live off nothing

Necesitas buscar un trabajo, no puedes vivir del aire-You need to find a job, you can’t live off nothing


Vivir del cuento


To live by your wit

El problema es que muchas personas esperan vivir del cuento-The problem is that lots of people hope to live by their wit.


Con una mano delante y otra detrás


To be broken

Mi abuelo llegó a Madrid con una mano delante y otra detrás-when my grandad arrived  to Madrid he was broken


Sin pena ni gloria


Without a fuss

Ya hemos salido de la crisis, pero todavía vivimos sin pena ni gloria- We have left the crisis behind, but we still live without a fuss


En casa del herrero cuchillo de palo


The shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot

Soy profesora de español, pero mi novio no habla español, en casa del herrero, cuchillo de palo…-I am a Spanish teacher, but my boyfriend does not speak Spanish..the shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot…



And those are my Spanish expressions about lifestyle in Spanish from me to you 🙂 I hope you enjoyed them and now…It is time for you to start practice, so what better moment than now? Leave a comment below using one of the sentences that you just learned.



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