Spanish expressions with TENER Spanish expressions with tener

As you would know Tener means To have, and if you know that probably you know that Spanish use “tener”in a different way, that is why today we are going to learn some Spanish expressions with tener



Hola amigos,

Today we are going to learn some Spanish expressions with tener that can make most of Spanish language learners confused, as in many times english speakers use the verb to be, that in Spanish is the famous SER/ESTAR .

I am the kind of person who thinks a picture speaks one thousand words, that is why I attached the picture above and some more at the bottom of the post and a small practice a the end, but I will explain some of then, the ones I think could be more confusing


Tener ganas de…

I have written about this one in one of my previous blogs but it keeps driving people crazy, we Spanish do not say to be looking forward to….we have the desire of it that is why we say “tengo ganas de vacaciones”, if we are looking forward to our holidays

Tener calor/tener frio

Watch out, this is also a common mistake when we say we are hot or cold…it means we describe ourselves a a hot person (someone sexy) or a cold person (not a friendly one) but if we are feeling the weather, tenemos calor o tenemos frio.

Tener suerte

In Spanish is not often we say someone is lucky…instead we will say someone has that luck, “alguien tiene suerte”

tener cuidado

In Spanish when we want to be careful, we need to have that care, so we “tenemos cuidado”

tener razon

in Spain is not we are right it is we have the reason, so when a Spanish person tiene razon…you better believe it


As you can see most of the time the different is we use tener as we have the desire, or the feeling of something when in English you describe yourself as something…I think it is a good tip to keep in mind 🙂


As usual I hope this blog had helped you, and you have things more clear now.



To practice I leave you a few more Spanish idioms with tener and below the pictures, you need to match, feel free to leave your comments below , and we will all help you and say whether you are right or not…(“tienes razon o no”…)you know what they say practice makes perfection, and you can learn from other people too



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