Spanish expressions with the word death In the English speaker counties the next week is a big celebration as it is Halloween, in the Spanish speaker countries the 1st of November is also a big celebration but not because Halloween, in the Spanish speaker countries the 1st of November is the day of the deceased ones.

So the 1st of November is typical to visit graveyards and pray for the loved ones that are not with us anymore, so it is a day where the word death, muerte is quite common and we celebrate it.

That is why I thought today might be a good chance to show some Spanish expressions with the word death, it does not mean we just use them the 1st of November, which is call “el día de los muertos”-the day of the dead ones, but I guess is a good day to learn them 🙂


Spanish expressions with the word death


So some Spanish expressions with the word death might be

¡de muerte!

This expression can be used in two different ways although the meaning is pretty much the same.

If someone scares you you can say-“me has dado un susto de muerte”you gave me a death frighten .

But it also could be used if you went to a Halloween party and it was super, when someone ask you how did the party go you could reply-“¡de muerte! “Meaning like it was awesome, out of this word.


-cuestión de vida o muerte

We use it when we talk about something really important, if you are having a party at your place, and you are running late, you will probably ask one of your friends for help as “una cuestión de vida o muerte”, a matter of life and death.


-de mala muerte

Used when a place is lousy.

If you are meeting your friends for a Halloween party and when you arrive to the place is looks filthy and weird….you would think….”¿de quién habrá sido la idea de organizar una fiesta en este lugar de mala muerte?” – Whose idea was this of organize a party in such a lousy place?


-Odiar a muerte

When you hate something or someone to the max, imagine you hate costumes parties but you are invited to one this Halloween, and your friend is asking you to go, you would say “no me pidas eso, sabes que odio a muerte las fiestas de disfraces”-do not make me that, you know I detest costumes’ parties



-firmar una sentencia de muerte

When someone has agreed to do something that has not got a predictable happy ending.

If your boss ask you to do something really important, and a project depends on that, and you do not know how to do, but you just said yes because you wanted to get her approval, but all the opposite is about to happen,  it is a good time to say, “no sé porque dije sí a ese proyecto, creo que he firmado mi sentencia de muerte” I do not know why I said yes to that project, I think I signed my death warrant.


-Hasta que la muerte nos separe

We use it to make a promise that will last forever, typical in the weddinds, “hasta que la muerte nos separe”til death us do  part.


-Pillar/coger un resfríado de muerte

Quite used in this season of the year when you get a really bad cold, you could complain you can go out during the weekend because,”he pillado un resfirado de  muerte, espero estar mejor el próximo fin de semana”I caught my death of cold.



And that is all the Spanish idioms I can think of, as usual if you have any more please leave a comment below and let us know.Also I would love to hear from you


-Have you heard these expressions before?

-do you know any others?

-Do you use any expressions with the word death of similar to the ones on today’s blog in your country?


Before you go away and start thinking about your Halloween, some homework, leave a comment below with one of the Spanish expressions with the word death from today, you know practice makes perfection, the small actions add up! And every little helps!


I hope you enjoyed today’s blog, if you do I would appreciate if you could share it with a fellow learner, take some time to spare the Spanish language around.


 Have a Halloween de muerte!


Talk you soon!


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