Spanish hits list Spanish hists list it will take you around the Spanish singers and songs whose are so worth to listening to

Spanish hits list is post that has taken some time, lot of research and a few changes in order to find the best, so I hope you like it.

Hola amigos


¿Cómo estáis? I guess if you are reading read you are a music freak and you love the Spanish language, or at least its music, am I right? So here you are, after a lot of research and asking people I put together a list of 10 song so need to listen to I know…Spanish language have such a great artist from Spain to South America, so it has been quite of a mission try to select just 10…so in this Spanish hist list I made the 10 I think would not be that known with an extra 6 that even when they are worldwide they deserve to be in the list,


Also I have tried to mix all kind of types, so you have a wide variety to choose from

1-The Latin brothers, a great Colombian band, listen to “La fabulosa

2-Vetusta morla, for that indie lovers, I recommend their first song “Copenhague

3-Maná,a mexican band which with a mix of pop and rock “rayando el sol

4-Julieta Venegas, a great mix of rock and pop, “me voy” is highly recommended

5-Mecano, a pop band, really famous in the 80’s, their hit “hoy no me puedo levantar” later on would be a musical

6-José Luis Perales, I grew up with his tunes, a romantic Spanish singer, try with “un ramito de violetas”

7-Elvis Crespo, born in Puerto Rico, his song “suavemente”bécame quite famous, but you might want to try something not as comercial as “pintame

8-Amaral, this Spanish group talk about feelings in their lyrics “como hablar

9-La quinta estación, you can not miss out “el sol no regresa”from this mexican group

10-Joaquín Sabina and his “nos sobran los motivos” is a must listen in this list

11-Mercedes Sosa, she was known as the voice of latin america, one of her classic “gracias a la vida”

Surprise you havent Heard from them before?They are not that famous in the English speaker word, but I guess you probably have heard some songs from


12-Celia Cruz, the famous Cuban Singer and her famous “la vida es un carnaval” is so true

13-Carlos Baute, I specially like the song he sings with a Spanish Singer, Marta Sanchez, “colgado en tus manos

14-Gloria Estefán, I always thought that “mi tierra”is such a beautiful and powerdul song

15-Juanes, “a dios le pido” is one of my favourite.

16- Shakira, she is another of our international ones, she sing often in english, this time I recommend you to listen to “Ojos así”,


16-Ricky martin, his bigges hit was “María”, but has several of songs and many of them sung in english too

Of course we could not miss Los del Río and their famous…”Macarena”




I hope you enjoy it and who knows?Maybe from now on you have a new favourite song J

What do you think?Would you add any other songs or even artist?

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