Spanish idioms In today's post we are going to learn some Spanish idioms.

!Hola amigos!, I hope you are all well, it has been a while since I wrote something and I thought about coming back with something I love, Spanish idioms, today we will be learning some which use numbers.




I like Spanish idioms because  I think using some idioms can make you look like a real language expert, even if the idioms are few of the things you know. So let’s fill your knowledge with some Spanish idioms, the theme for today’s idioms is numbers.



Really common expresion when something happen quite often or we do thing often too, imagine I have a friend who loves to go to the hairdressers and she goes quite often I would say “Le encanta ir a la peluquería, va cada dos por tres”



An old fashion idiom which is still used and I particulary like it, it can have two meanings an affectionate one and another not that good, but today we normally use the affectionate one, like if my sister as buy a really expensive handbag, I would say her to mock her “!Mirala!Con un bolso de marca, más chula que un ocho”, or if have done something I feel quite good about I would say “Ayer fui a trabajar en bici,  más chula que un ocho”



We use this idiom the same way the english speaker, when we are overexcited or we have accomplish something big we would want “chocar esos cinco” with someone




When someone is really stubborn and he will not change his mind on, we say in Spain that that person “sigue en sus trece” , remember this idiom has a possessive, so we just need to choose the right possessive depend on who are we talking about.




I hope you enjoyed these Spanish idioms and learn something new, and as I always say do

not miss out the chance to practice them, I would recommend you to use them “cada dos por tres”,and you will feel “más chulo que un ocho” and will want “chocar cinco”with yourself, so you can “seguir en tus trece “and learn Spanihs:).

If you know any other please feel free to leave and comment and share it with us.

Stay positive and keep learning guys!See you soon



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