Spanish idioms related to football

In Spain football is a big deal, and you know Spaniards love expressions too, so yes, we do tent to combine both, football, and expressions.

In Spain football is an extremely popular sport, so popular like we call it “el deporte rey”-the sport that is king, and as you know now the Euro cup is taking place now, so I thought it would be a good time to talk about some Spanish expressions related to football, if you don’t like football, or you are already fed up stay with me! This blog is going to be particularly useful.

Yes, I said we will be talking about Spanish expressions related to football, but they are used not for watching football but in the daily life, theses idioms I am going to teach are used in normal conversations, their origin might have been football but now they are  widespread in all our interactions, so if you like idioms, you can’t miss this blog.

Spanish idioms related to football

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Ok, announcements done, let’s get to the expressions.

1-ser de primera

to be Good, to be of quality

When we say “ser de primera” we mean ser de primera división, which is the best league to play football on, therefore if you play there you are good, and if something is de primera is very good, good quality.

Esta tortilla es de primera-this omelette is very good

2-pasar la pelota

To pass the ball, to pass responsibilities.

If you have a problem with your electricity and you call the company to ask for an explanation probably:

Los diferentes departamentos se van a pasar la pelota- The different departments are going to pass the responsibility.

Because nobody was to take responsibility or take the blame for it.

3-echar balones fuera

To make excuses

We use it when someone is trying to avoid a direct answer to something. Sometimes can be quite similar to pasar la pelota.

Los políticos son muy buenos echando balones fuera-Politicians are very Good making excuses/being evasives.

4-pillar fuera de juego

To be unprepared or not to be informed about something.

If  I asked you about the Euro cup but you are not following it and you don’t know, you can say

La verdad que me pillas fuera de juego, no la estoy siguiendo-honestly you catch me offside, I am not following it.

5-meter un gol (a alguien)/metérsela/colársela

To lie to someone

If your boss asks you to be the leader of an easy project and you said yes, but then it turns out that the project was not that easy after all you can say:

Mi jefe me metió un gol con este proyecto- My boss lied to me about this project.

It does not mean that the lie was intentionally, you can use meter un gol as long as you thought you were lied to.

6-casarse de penalti

We use this one if a couple is already expecting a baby when they get married.

Mis amigos se casaron de penalti, porque 4 meses después nació su primer hijo.-My friends got married when they were already pregnant, because their first baby was born 4 months later

7-colgar las botas

To retire or to stop doing something.

When football players retire, we say they hang their boots, but they normally retire quite young, s we use this one more than when we retire when we stop doing something.

 If I used to paint, but I don’t do it anymore, but someone asks me how my paintings are going I could answer

Ya no pinto, colgué las botas hace tiempo-I don’t paint anymore, I stopped a while ago

That is! Now, before you leave, write a comment below and let me know:

-whether you like football and if you don’t, because it is not all about football, let me know you sport of choice, and I will try to make a blog with some expressions for it.

-also, if you are following the Euro cup I would love to know what team are you supporting.

I will see you in the comments 🙂

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Happy July and I will see you in August!

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