Spanish idioms with the verb “dar” Spanish language is full of idioms, as you probably know, and trying to translate these idioms when you are learning Spanish it will only leave you feeling confused and lost.

It has been a while since I last wrote about idioms, and you know how I love them so I thought today was a good day to give you some Spanish idioms with the verb “dar”, to give.

Probably when you read these sentences you would be like…”wow, that’s a lot of idioms for one word” but I promise this blog will help you immensely next time you talk to Spanish native speaker.

As usually I will give you an example on how/when to use them, so hopefully that would help you too.

So if you are ready let’s dive in into Spanish idioms with the verb “dar”



Spanish idioms with the verb “dar”


1-Dar a luz, it is not other thing than “to give birth”

If one of your friend was pregnant and she just had the baby and you are the person in charge to pass the news along your friends you will probably say

Teresa ya ha tenido el bebé,ayer  dió a luz a una niña preciosa.

“Teresa has already had the baby, she gave  birth to a beautiful girl yesterday”


2-Dar por sentado, we have two meanings for this one, “to assume” and “to take for granted”  in English


a)If you are having a party as your flat and you invite a couple of friends who just came back from holidays, you would probably assume they will be tired and they will not come, but they do, when you see them you could say

¿Qué hacéis aquí? ¡ Qué sorpresa! Daba por sentado que no estariaís cansados y no vendríais.

“What are you doing here? What a surprise! I assumed you would be tired and won’t come.”


b)As a general advice for life you could say to your friends.

Nunca déis nada por sentado.

“Never take anything for granted”


3-Dar en el clavo, “to nail it” or “to be spot on”.

If one of your friends is suspicious about other of your friends dating someone and later on you find out he was right you will say

If a colleague tells you that the company is not going well and he is afraid they are going to start firing people, if that eventually happens you could say

¡Diste en el clavo cuando me dijiste lo de los despidos!

“You nail it when you told me about the redundancy”

¿Sabes que Adrian está saliendo con alguien? ¡Diste en el clavo!

“Do you know that Adrian is dating someone? You were spot on this time.”



4-Darse por vencido, it would be  “to give in” or “to give up” in English

When you learn Spanish at some point you will feel like giving up, so just remember,

Aprender español no es fácil, pero merece la pena, y estoy determinado, así que voy a darme por vencido.

“Learning Spanish is not easy, but it is worth it and I am determined, so I am not going to giving up”


5-Dar a conocer, in English you would use “to announce”

If you are going to take part in a writing competition when reading the rules you will probably see one that says:

Los ganadores se darán a conocer el 1 de Mayo.

“The winners will be announce the 1st of May”


6-Dar las gracias, “to thank “

If a friend has done something for you, like picking up a dress from a shop,  it would be nice of you to phone later and thank him, you could do that by saying

Alicia, te llamo porque quería darte las gracias por recoger mi vestido esta mañana

“Alicia, I am phoning you because I wanted to thank you for picking up my dress this morning”


7-Dar lugar,  meaning “to lead” or “to result in”

If there is a rumour going one at your office and the boss has a meeting in order to discuss things but the meeting ends up leaving people even more confused you would probably hear people complaining:

Se suponía que la reunión era para aclarar las cosas, pero solo ha dado lugar a más confusión

“The meeting was meant to clarify things, but it only has lead to more confussion”



8-Dar la espalda, this one also has two meaning, it can be “to have one’s back to” or “to turn one’s back on”


a)If during a meeting one of your friends is not facing the door and he misses someone being late you could comment after:

Siento darte la espalda, pero si no no veo bien la pantalla

“ I am sorry to have my back to you, but otherwise I do not see the screen properly.


b) Probably we all have a friend who was not as good friend as we though as:

Cuando necesitaba su ayuda me dio la espalda

“When I need his help he turned his back on me”


9-Darse cuenta de que, I am totally sure if you have been learning Spanish for a while know, that you have come across with this one, but it is probably too that you keep forgetting it, at least when you need it to use it, so it is always good to have a reminder. And for those who does not know what it means is “to realize” or “to notice”.

Remember your friend from example number 3, the one who was  suspicious about other of your friends dating someone? They  could start making their point by saying….

Me he dado cuenta de que Adrian últimamente no sale tanto, yo creo que está saliendo con alguien.

“I realized Adrian is not going out as much recently, I think he is dating someone”



Woohooo! You made it till the end of another blog, you are awesome! But now….I would love you to do something, because now it is your turn, you know that “practice makes perfect”, so come over to the comments below and leave a sentences with one of the idioms from above.


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