Spanish idioms with body parts I am back this time to teach you some Spanish idioms with body parts

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Lo siento…again I have been away for a while..but every wait has its reward and the one today is awesome, as it comes on a blog, a video and a text to practice the Spanish idioms with body parts you are gonna learn, so let’s get started



Spanish idioms with body parts

I am not you are looking forward to learning something new so here we go

1-Tener a alguien entre ceja y ceja

It is quite difficult to explain it in English but it is so common in Spanish so I need to try, we say that we tenemos a una persona entre ceja y ceja when we do not get along with that person, but it is even more intense, it is not we do not get along it is that person make us go nuts…It is so difficult to deal with it because we do not like him or her and everything he or she does seem such a big deal for us. We almost develop and obsession in the bad way for that person and we even think about them more usual than we should



This one is a simple one, it just means something is really expensive, but you need to watch as in english when something is expensive it costs a leg and an arm…in Spain is just an eye 🙂 Attention to the conjugation as costar is irregular -cuest-



It is a funny way to say someone is really on his ways, it literally means someone does not give his arm to twist, but who would?Right?It is just a way that someone wants to do something and it is not likely he changes his mind…like per example I want to go to the cinema but my friends want to go to the theatre and someone ask me what are my plans for tonight, I would probably say…I do not know I want to go to the cinema but my friend really wants to go to the theatre and I do not think el va a dar su brazo a torcer



It is another way to say “echar una mano”, so when we need help with someone we probably ask our friends to arrimar el hombro, as shoulder closer to shoulder works quicker



Usually we use this sentences in the negative way like”no tener dos dedos de frente” It is quite common when someone does something silly or that does not have any logic, we will ask if that person as dos dedos de frente, otherwise we would have a excuse as his brain would be so small….


Spanish idioms are funny, and really common in the day a day, practice them after, your Spanish friends will be surprise and you will feel so proud about talking as a native,


aditional resources

I leave you a link and you can have a go on how good you know the Spanish idioms with the body parts

Again…I welcome all your comments so feel free to talk about which one is your favourite, try to make sentences with them…anything!Looking forward to reading from you all.

And a video which will give you an extra four Spanish idioms using body parts, do not miss it out, check it out!

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