Spanish idioms with the word tongue As you know because I always say Spanish have a lot of idioms, today we will be talking about the Spanish idioms with the word tongue

Hola a todo, today we will be learning lots of new things, so I hope you are ready for a challenge, today we will be learning a bit more about Spanish idioms with the word tongue


Well you know my obsession with Spanish idioms, I simply love them, so I though I will write about a simple word which you can use it in so many different contexts, that word is tongue as our title said today you will learn some Spanish idioms with the word tongue

How do you say tongue in Spanish?

Exactly first things come first, you can not use an idiom if you do not know the main word in the sentences can you?Today is easy tongue in Spanish is lengua, well having that sorted, let’s crack on


no tener pelos en la lengua,

I know strange…literally do not have hair on your tongue, well I guess you would have guessed we do not mean it, when Spanish use this expression we mean someone says everything he/she thinks, if does not matter if it is appropriated or not, it is people whom speak up no matter what, we use like a normal verb, if your friend say something wrong you will say to them, “Tu no tienes pelos en la lengua verdad?”

Comerle la lengua el gato

another popular sentences which would be “the cat ate your tongue” , and obviously no…our cats in Spain aren’t crazy and take our tongues, it is when someone is particulary quiet, as if you are on a group conversation and one of your friends is not being really comunicative you will ask “¿qué pasa?¿te ha comido la lengua el gato?” in order to say what is up with you, why don’t you say anything?So you get her/his attention and make them focus and participative


morderse la lengua

This is a tricky one, as you can use it when you actually bite your tongue or when you are in a conversation and you are fighting to not say something un-appropriated, so people can not thing que no tienes pelos en la lengua, so instead you bit your tongue, like “me voy a morder la lengua porque sino me voy a arrepentir”

tirar de la lengua

to pull someone’s tongue, we use it when someone wants to keep a secret but you want to know and you push them to share it with you, so if  I want to know what my friends are planning for my birthday I will go to one of my friends until they say that is all I am gonna tell you Blanca, “para de tirarme de la lengua”

tener algo en la punta de la lengua

to have something on the tip of your tongue, I think in english would be on the top of your head,,,but you know Spain is diferent so we actually say “lo tengo en la punta de la lengua” when we have that awful feeling how to say a word, or who was the actor who appeared in that movie but we can not say it, kind of I know it but I can remember…


The last one if someone say something malicious about something else as an habit we will say he/her as “una lengua viperina


As usually hope you had enjoyed it and learn something new…now…practice time guys!

And I will write you soon


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  1. Leigh

    Muy buen, este artículo. Algunas de estas frases he escuchado antes, y otras son nuevas para mí.

    En inglés, para decir ‘Tener algo en la punta de la lengua’, decimos casi lo mismo – ‘It’s on the tip of my tongue.’ ‘Off the top of your head’ es como saber algo de memoria, o dar información sin consultar ningún libro ni página antes.

    Gracias por este enlace muy interesante.


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